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Many of you might ask, does Exness have NASDAQ? You can get the NA100 index from Exness. You can find it under the symbol USTEC, and it is available for Standard, Pro, Zero, and Raw accounts. Those hoping for a recovery of the economy have driven the Nasdaq-100 Index (USTEC) to record highs.

The NA100 index provides daily fluctuations as well as substantial exposure to market prices to its followers. The Exness NASDAQ is also known for its volume and volatility and for being regulated by US authorities and supervised by the Federal Exchange. So the answer to the question of whether Exness provides NASDAQ is yes! To learn more about trading Exness NASDAQ, read on.

What is Exness?

Forex trading platform Exness became one of the top players on the market in 2008. The potential for making large trading profits draws many professionals to their websites. Further, the website has grown steadily since they updated their MT4 trading platform.

This platform’s new version of MT5 enables it to quickly carry out its wide range of innovative functions. Also, using it is easy since you can register, track statistics, and trade. As a result, both significant- and small-scale transactions are supported.

FSCA-authorised broker Exness offers forex & CFD trading. Other top-tier regulators, such as FSA & CySEC, also regulate the company. As USTECm, they offer CFD instruments on NASDAQ.

About Exness NASDAQ100 (USTEC)


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In 1971, the NASDAQ Stock Market became the world’s first electronic stock exchange (with a market capitalisation of over $1 trillion). Also, it is one of the leading stock exchanges because of the high concentration of technology stocks.

There are many equity indices globally, but the NASDAQ 100 is one of the most widespread. This index represents the global market capitalisations of major NASDAQ companies. Companies like Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, etc., appear on this list.  Without owning any securities, traders in South Africa can trade the NASDAQ 100 through CFDs.

CFD broker Exness in South Africa offers different spreads and features for trading on NAS 100 CFD instruments. In addition, the USTEC 100 stock index is available through CFDs in South Africa so that traders can speculate both long and short.

Exness NASDAQ (USTEC) trading: how to get started?

To trade NASDAQ on Exness, follow these steps

  • Join Exness by creating a real account
  • Download MT4/MT5 and log in to it
  • From the “market watch” section, double-click on NASDAQ (USTEC) to open a trade.

On the standard account, Exness offers CFD on the US Tech 100 index, i.e., USTECm, with a typical spread of 4.2 pips per contract and a margin requirement of 1%.

At Exness, the commission-based zero spread account type has the lowest spread of the US Tech 100 index of 1.5 pip per lot. However, at Exness, this instrument has a bit of a high average price.

In addition to the ZAR base currency trading account, the broker accepts various payment gateways, including local bank transfers in South Africa with a minimum deposit of $1.

Accounts and suffixes USTEC – Pro, Raw Spread, Zero

USTECm – Standard

Account currency USTEC – Available in all account currencies.


In MT4 – Available in 15 account currencies (AED, AUD, CNY, EGP, EUR, GBP, IDR, INR, KWD, MYR, RUB, THB, USD, VND, ZAR)

In MT5 – Available in all account currencies

Trading Terminal MT4
Execution types Pro – Instant Execution

Standard, Raw Spread, Zero – Market Execution

Contract size 1 contract
Minimum lot size (per position) 1.5 lot
Maximum lot size (per position)  20 lots
Leverage  1:200
Increased Margin Period (in GMT) 19:30 – 22:15
Increased Margin 1%

Market hours for the Exness NASDAQ 100 index

Trading activity for Exness NASDAQ 100 happens mainly between 9:30 and 16:00 (EST), but the NASDAQ index price is calculated during aftermarket (14:00-19:30 EST) and pre-market (04:00-9:30 EST) hours. Thus, you can monitor USTEC charts and trade NASDAQ stocks at any time via Exness.

How is the Exness NASDAQ 100 calculated?

The NASDAQ 100 represents individual companies in the same way as other global stock market indices. As a result, the index will fluctuate throughout the day as their stock prices change.

To calculate the value of the NASDAQ 100 index, the last sale price of each security is multiplied by its index share weights and divided by the index divisor.

If a company wants to trade on the NASDAQ 100 index, it must be listed strictly on the NASDAQ Global Select and Global Market tiers. The following requirements must also be met by companies listed on the NASDAQ:

  • It is recommended that 200K shares are traded daily
  • The public offering must have been made three months ago
  • Bankruptcy is not an issue for you
  • A quarterly report and an annual report are required

The NASDAQ 100 index is capitalisation-weighted, so companies with more market capitalisation affect it more than those with smaller market caps.

The NASDAQ adds and removes companies quarterly according to their market capitalisation. The weighting of a company cannot exceed 24%.

Unlike the NASDAQ Composite, the NASDAQ 100 does not include the 3,000 stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange. The NASDAQ 100 accounts for 67% of NASDAQ’s market capitalisation.

Does Exness NAS100 require a lot of money?

NAS100 points are worth a minimum of $0.10 each, but their value may change if your account is denominated in a different currency.

Is there a limit to the number of NASDAQ 100 stocks?

There are almost 102 Equity securities as NASDAQ stocks

Are NASDAQ stocks available for purchase?

Shares of both NASDAQ and NYSE can be bought and sold on public exchanges since both are publicly traded companies. NASDAQ, Inc. owns the NASDAQ, and the stock trades under the ticker symbol NDAQ.

Is US100 the same as Nas100?

US100 is also known as the Nasdaq 100 Index (NDX). The Nasdaq-100 stock market index measures the performance of 103 equity securities originating from the top 100 non-financial companies. The NASDAQ introduced the NASDAQ-100 in January 1985.

Bottom line

Exness offers CFD trading on various indices, including the FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and many others. The Na100 Index (USTEC) continues to reach record highs as tech shares rise amid the hope of recovery.USTEC_x100 and USTEC_x100m are larger contracts available only on MT4. The contract size is 100. Hence the Exness traders can trade effectively on the NASDAQ 100 in USTEC using the MT4 trading platform.

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