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Forex Trading Course

A Forex trading course is a key factor when it comes to the success or failure of any traders’ financial outcome.

Forex trading in South Africa is one of the fastest-growing trading geographics in the world, but sadly one of the most uninformed.

Knowledge is power. Put in the time, expand your knowledge, and become a profitable trader.

happy african learner doing forex trading course on pc

Forex Terminology

Just like in any industry, knowing the terminology is an important factor. You can’t trade the markets blindly! Take it from a professionals’ point of view. Repetition, repetition.

Do what works over and over again and you will reap the benefits of success. Screen time greatly assists in this. If you don’t put in the time you can expect the results you seek.

Education First

The best piece of advice we can provide you as a trader is to not rely on indicators, tools, EAs or robots, thinking it will lead to success. These are short term solutions, unfortunately not profitable long term.

Looks past the hype and empty promises. Save yourself the money and disappointment. This Forex trading tip comes from experience.

When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

We are hard at work to build out a Forex Trading Education section from A-Z. This will help beginners and professionals alike get a better understanding of the FX market, and how it operates.

Without understanding, there can’t be profitability.

Put in the time, expand your knowledge, and become a profitable trader. Don’t become a statistic! Become an individual that is educated!

Forex Trading in Nigeria

Forex Trading in Nigeria

You’ve probably heard about the latest buzz surrounding forex trading in Nigeria. Those YouTube videos of successful traders earning six to eight figures a month make you want to trade. But you don’t know where to begin. In this guide, you’ll get to know all the bells and whistles to start your forex trading journey in Nigeria. Overview Many analysts consider Africa to have the world’s fastest-growing middle class, with Nigeria leading the way. The fact that Nigeria’s GDP per capita increased from $352 in 2001 to $3,222 in 2014 – a nearly 900 percent increase – is a strong indicator of the country’s growing prosperity. However, since 2014, the amount has dropped dramatically to a little less than $2,000.

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How to Become a Successful Forex Trader?

how to become a successful trader

We all wish there was a tree in our backyard from which we can pluck dollar bills. In this guide, we’re going to tell you how you can become a successful forex trader by following six easy steps. Unfortunately, our wish won’t be commanded, and we have to work smarter and harder to become successful. Many of us want to accelerate our trading game, but not all of us become successful. Why is that? Because we aren’t following the right approach to forex trading. 1. Don’t try to predict the market One of the most common mistakes new traders make is attempting to forecast what the market will do, which almost always leads to disappointment when they get it wrong.

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