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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

HotForex No Deposit Bonus

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Deriv offers competitive trading conditions such as STP execution, tight spreads, leverage of 1:1000 and a low minimum deposit.
CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.
4.4 stars from 468 ratings

up to 50%

HotForex is a multi-regulated Forex broker with a low minimum deposit. They offer tight spreads on over 50 currency pairs.

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
72.83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Would you like to receive a special bonus from HotForex as a regular broker? Once you verify your account, you will receive a free $30 Welcome HotForex no deposit Bonus.

The promotional bonus is for a limited time, so you can kick spam brokers and enjoy real trading without any investment from your clients. Create an account and learn how to make profits in a real trading environment.

About Hotforex $30 no deposit bonus information

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It is common for HF Markets to offer a variety of bonuses to traders residing outside of CySEC and FCA jurisdictions. However, this isn’t easy due to stringent regulations within these jurisdictions.

HotForex offers a $30 no deposit bonus as a no-deposit bonus. If you meet certain trading requirements, you can withdraw this amount once it is available to you.

After HF Markets no deposit bonus withdrawal, you will be able to withdraw any profits you have made.

How to get it?

  1. Open an account with a $30 no deposit bonus (provide a primary mobile number)
  2. Access the myHotForex Client Portal.
  3. Verify your SMS account
4.4 stars from 468 ratings

up to 50%

HotForex is a multi-regulated Forex broker with a low minimum deposit. They offer tight spreads on over 50 currency pairs.

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
72.83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

What are the requirements for withdrawal?

You can only use bonus funds for trading and cannot withdraw them.

The trader must complete eight round-turn trades to withdraw profits generated by trading on the $30 No Deposit Bonus Account. The minimum amount of profit that may be withdrawn is $60.

In summary, to withdraw profits, you must:

  • acquire one standard lot of trading volume
  • A minimum of 8 round-turn trades
  • Earn at least $60 profit


  • New clients are only eligible for the promotion.
  • The use of Expert Advisors (EAs) and trading the news are not permitted.
  • Accounts with a $30 no deposit bonus can only be opened in USD.
  • Clients from the United States cannot use HotForex‘s services.

Information and benefits

  • Withdrawal of profits is possible
  • The project lasted two months
  • 1:100 account leverage
  • This offer is only available to new clients
  • Loss is unlimited
  • Verification via SMS is easy

New clients are offered a bonus to start trading the markets in a real environment without investing their funds.

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Deriv Broker Review
5 stars from 880 ratings

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

What are no deposit bonuses?

Forex No Deposit Bonuses mean that new traders do not have to deposit to open a real live account, so they get free money to start trading. In addition, most brokers offer a small bonus amount, ranging from $10 to $50.

By offering a ‘welcome bonus,’ brokers encourage new traders to open an account with them right away so they can place more trades in a short time while limiting their risk of losing their own money right away.

A real live trading account is opened after you provide the broker with your name and email address. Some brokers ask for documents such as utility bills, IDs, or proof of residence to verify a live account. Other brokers open accounts with no verification required.

As a result, ‘free money is deposited into the account as a No Deposit Bonus. The amount of the bonus depends on the promotion offered by the broker. Bonuses of up to $50 are possible.

Who is eligible for a no-deposit bonus?

The No Deposit Bonus can only be obtained by first-time forex traders registering an account with a broker offering the promotion. You cannot receive a No Deposit Bonus again if you have previously received one from a broker.

Importance of trading with a no deposit bonus

You can start trading forex life in real-time after you have deposited the funds into your account. New traders can continue trading through a demo account by engaging in real-time live trading without risk until the bonus period.

Traders make mistakes, but the broker loses money when they do, not the trader.

In the early days of trading, it’s part of building a client’s confidence and exposing them to the trade of multiple commodities and financial instruments while minimising their risk.

New traders are more common to trade with ‘free money’ and gain valuable experience before depositing their own money.

What are the advantages of brokers offering a no deposit bonus?

No Deposit Bonuses are often referred to as Welcome Bonuses by brokers to attract new traders and encourage them to use a live account to trade multiple financial instruments.

Most new forex traders use demo accounts. No Deposit Bonuses are ideal for beginners nervous about using their own money to practice forex trading.

A new trader gets to actively participate in the forex market for some time while keeping any profits.

According to the broker’s bonus conditions, no deposit bonuses expire after 30 or 60 days. As a result, new traders are under pressure to fully utilise the ‘welcome bonus’ before it disappears.

What are the accepted HotForex account base currencies?

You can trade with HF Markets in the base currency of your account. Most top forex brokers provide a variety of base currencies, so you have a choice when trading. HF Markets also provides a variety of base currencies.

Depending on your account’s regulations, you may access different currencies. USD is typically available everywhere within this framework. Similar to what you might expect, Euros are also available throughout Europe.

In addition to the base currency, there are other options. This is dependent upon your location. For example, you can trade in GBP based in the UK, NGN for Nigerian traders, and ZAR for South African traders.

No matter where you are in the world, this provides an excellent choice for traders of all types.

What are the HotForex funding and deposit methods?

Methods complex like a puzzle - pictured as word Methods on a puzzle pieces to show that Methods can be difficult and needs cooperating pieces that fit together, 3d illustration

HotForex offers a comprehensive selection of deposit methods. Each of these has an associated minimum deposit that you might want to consider.

Keeping that in mind, let’s examine each HotForex deposit option in addition to the minimum deposit that HotForex requires:

1.   Wire Transfer

With HF Markets, wire transfers are available again, something we’ve always expected. In addition, this method of depositing is available to all traders worldwide.

A minimum deposit of $250 is required with the HF Markets entity, and $100 with HotForex, you will be responsible for a bank fee if your deposit is under $250.

If your bank charges any fees in this regard, you may want to inquire. Depending on your bank, you can expect your deposit to be processed in 2-5 business days.

2.   Credit/Debit Cards

It is convenient for traders to make deposits with credit cards and debit cards. All HF Markets branches and Hotforex branch brokerages offer traders the option to deposit via Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and UnionPay.

DFSA regulation covers debit card funding only, whereas all other regulatory types cover credit card and debit card funding.

To use this funding method, HotForex requires a $50 minimum deposit, and there are no fees involved. Funds can also be accessed almost instantly. Within a few minutes, the funds are usually available.

3.   eWallets

HF Markets also offers eWallets as deposit methods. In Europe, they can be obtained through Skrill or Neteller, though they are not subject to DFSA regulations.

While FCA and CySEC regulations increase this minimum deposit amount to $50, using these methods is $5. Deposits should be available within ten minutes.

Other methods of depositing with HotForex

You can deposit at HF Markets using other methods depending on your location. The FCA and CySEC are particularly common methods outside of these regions. These deposit methods usually do not charge fees and are generally instantaneous.

Within these areas, however, there are HF minimum deposits that apply:

  • 200,000 IDR for Indonesia
  • Malaysia – 50 Malaysian Ringgit
  • Thailand – 50 Thai Baht
  • 300,000 VND for Vietnam

You can deposit from various local banks in South America if you are trading from that part of the world. Although fees could vary in these cases, you should contact your bank or broker for more details.

What restrictions are applied on no-deposit bonus requirements by brokers?

The brokers are entitled to impose certain restrictions on live accounts after giving you ‘free money. But, as much as they protect you, they’re not onerous restrictions.

1.    Lots with a maximum size

New traders are restricted from placing orders with a large lot size by brokers that offer No Deposit Bonuses. A lot size of 0.01 is typically the maximum.

Making a profit is more challenging when there is a limit on the size of a lot.

2.    Positions available at maximum

A new trader can only open a certain number of active positions with certain brokers who offer No Deposit Bonuses. A pending order may be included.

When a trader cannot open more positions, especially if s/he is using the trend-following method, it affects their trading strategy and can somewhat spoil the trading experience.

3.    Limitation of assets traded

Some brokers restrict which currencies may be traded when offering No Deposit Bonuses, particularly in volatile markets. Most new traders cannot trade exotic pairs because they are limited to mainstream trading pairs.

4.    No Deposit Bonuses have a time limit.

There is usually a time limit attached to a No Deposit Bonus, and it expires once that time has passed. It is important to determine the time limit before committing your own money because you want to trade as much as possible with the ‘free money.

A No Deposit Bonus usually has a time limit of 30 to 60 days. Choose a broker that provides a ‘welcome bonus’ for 60 days; the longer, the better. Practising on a live account gives you ample time to master the forex market.

5.    There is a limited amount of leverage.

When using a No Deposit Bonus, the leverage is usually limited. To trade a larger forex position, a broker lends a small amount of money to the trader. As a result, forex trading relies heavily on leverage.

New traders cannot open large positions when leverage is limited. Therefore, the broker must make more trades in an account with only the No Deposit Bonus amount to realise a decent profit.

6.    Expert advisors are not permitted.

A real live account with a No Deposit Bonus can’t be used with Expert Advisors (EAs). However, the automated trading of forex can be compared to that of EAs.

Indicators simplify analysing the forex market conditions using EAs, including opening and closing trades and analysing the forex market conditions.

7.    Hedging is prohibited

Hedging is generally not permitted when trading on a No Deposit Bonus account. However, it is possible to hedge by opening two trades simultaneously but in opposing directions.

A trading strategy called hedging provides short-term relief for forex traders. It mitigates or eliminates short-term risk on the forex market.

Related questions-FAQs

1.   HotForex bonus no deposit: how do I get it?

If you are a new client of HotForex, you cannot be an existing client or former Client. The company must have approved a client before participating in the $50 No Deposit Bonus Program. Only one $50 no deposit bonus account can be opened per Client and IP address with this program.

2.   Is HotForex a reputable broker?

With a tier-1 and tier-2 regulatory status, HotForex is a safe broker (average-risk) where traders can trade forex and CFDs. Price comparisons show HotForex to be slightly better than the industry average; however, it still trails CMC Markets and IG in terms of low-cost offerings.

3.   Is Nas100 available on HotForex?

Hotforex is an FSCA-regulated broker offering CFDs and forex. The company offers CFDs on the NASDAQ 100 (USA100) index. Licensed by FCA, FSCA, and CySEC, HotForex is an STP broker. With a maximum leverage ratio of 1:50, the typical spread on NAS 100 CFDs is 2.03 pips per lot.

4.   How important are Hotforex bonuses?

A Supercharged bonus of 100% serves as a deposit bonus for HotForex. Islamic or Premium accounts are the only ones eligible for the bonus. Traders must deposit at least 250 US dollars to be eligible for the program.

5.   Hotforex 100% boosted credit bonus – how to get it?

To claim a 100% bonus, you’ll need to open a trading account with HotForex Company and apply for ‘the 100% SuperCharged Credit Bonus/Rebate.’ You must fund your account with $250 or more to qualify for the 100% bonus, which is good up to $50000. If you need more time, you can do so. The bonus volume requirement is not time-bound.

Bottom line

So if you are about to start trading with HotForex and want to avail yourself of the golden opportunity to get some bonus features, do get a no deposit bonus from HotForex! However, it is limited in avail, so make sure you get your hands on it as soon as you create an account on this platform.

Go for it now!

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