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Mediclinic International – Hospital Management Giant

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Mediclinic International PLC is an international hospital management giant. It provides healthcare facilities across the globe. The core aim of Mediclinic is to provide its users with a reliable and user-friendly platform that meets international standards. With main offices in South Africa, Zambia, Switzerland and Dubai, Mediclinic International PLC operate globally.

About Mediclinic International PLC

Mediclinic international was founded in 1983 in South Africa. The private healthcare group offers specialist-oriented and multi-disciplinary healthcare to its patients. Services provided by the healthcare group also include private acute care facilities and day clinics. Mediclinic also deals in radiology, gynaecology, internal medicines, general surgery, orthopaedics, cardiology, obstetrics and oncology.    The Group head office is located in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The group is committed to excellence and transparency. Since the group’s core vision is to enhance the quality of life, it has been expanding globally while providing the state of the art facilities to its patients. In 2020, the company owned 76 hospitals, eight sub-acute and specialized hospitals, 17-day case clinics and 18 outpatient clinics.  The healthcare group is trading on the London stock exchange since 2016. It has been listed on the South African stock exchange since 1986. This group holds a 29.9 pc interest in Spire healthcare group, a UK based healthcare group. Its current chairman is Dr Edwin Hertzog.

Mediclinic international

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Mediclinic International PLC IPO

IPO (initial public offering) is how a company offers its shares to the public.  Mediclinic International PLC has been listed on the South African stock exchange since 1986. In February 2016, the group started trading on the London stock exchange. The group’s stock symbol is MDC. The current price of its share is $4.37.  Mediclinic International PLC has invested in different healthcare providers and trade through these groups, which further act as its subsidiaries.

Mediclinic International PLC Investments

Initially, Mediclinic International PLC started working as a South African healthcare company and gradually rose to the status of an international healthcare company. It has invested in different countries and therefore diversified its trading portfolio over time.

The company has huge investments in Spire healthcare company, a UK based healthcare company; Al Noor healthcare group, a Dubai based private healthcare company; Hirslanden private healthcare group, a Switzerland based private healthcare group.

Spire Healthcare Company

Mediclinic International PLC holds an interest of 29.9 pc inspires healthcare private company. Spire healthcare company is one of the major healthcare groups in the UK. It has 39 hospitals and eight-day case clinics across England, Scotland and Wales. The company also offers surgical, medical and diagnostic services. As of 2017, its net income was $ 16.8 million.

Hislanden Private Healthcare Company

As of 2017, it is the largest healthcare company in Switzerland. Mediclinic International PLC bought it in 2007. In the 2016/17 financial year, the company recorded an unprecedented CHF 1 704 million turnovers. Hislanden private healthcare company comprises 17 hospitals in 11 districts.

Al Noor Hospitals

Under the venture of Mediclinic Middle East, Medicilinic International PLC acquired Al Noor Hospitals in 2016. It was started as the polyclinic in 1985. The Medicilinic International PLC has turned a small healthcare facility into a thriving hospital management group. As of 2014, its net income was $ 82 million. It is headquartered in Abu Dubai City, UAE.

Mediclinic Business Strategy

Mediclinic International PLC has divided its functions and services into different divisions as an international hospital management group. With investments in different regions globally, Mediclinic International PLC follows a robust strategy of integration and interconnectivity of healthcare services. According to its 2019 annual strategic and financial report, Mediclinic International PLC focused on creating long-term shareholders. By adhering to strategic goals such as putting the patient first, improving group and operational efficiencies, and pursuing attractive growth opportunities, the company achieved its goals and made unparalleled progress.

To follow the company’s core vision, which is ‘to enhance the quality of life, the Mediclinic International PLC redefined its strategic and business goals. Strategic and business goals such as to become an integrated healthcare group across the continuum, to grow in existing markets and expand in new markets, to achieve long-term superior financial returns, to transform healthcare services and client engagement through digitalization have been set to brace up for the challenges likely to come to pass in future.

Mediclinic International PLC Stock Analysis

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mediclinic International PLC performance had been low during the FY21. Due to the impact of initial covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, the revenue decline was three pc. It is expected the growth will be recovered during FY22. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the equity market had been volatile. Companies belonging to the healthcare industry suffered certain crashes and had been the victims of stock market volatility. Because of its financial resilience, Mediclinic International PLC delivered well in the second half of FY21.

In the words of Dr Ronnie Van De Merwe, CEO Mediclinic International PLC, “Despite the more severe second wave of the pandemic placing even greater demand on our healthcare facilities and people, we have adapted well through agility and resilience to deliver a solid second-half performance with revenue growth of around 1.0%.”

The current stock price of Mediclinic International PLC is 3.83 EUR. Mediclinic International PLC market cap is $2.274 B. Mediclinic International PLC ranked 10th in a WMC ranking. The graphs shown by the stock activity of the group predict the stability and increase in a stock price. The graph had been low during the pandemic, but recently it showed a positive curve.

Bottom line

Since its inception, Mediclinic International PLC expanded across the globe. Sheer commitment and adherence to the core vision of a company that is ‘enhance the quality of life has been the driving force of a company. The expansion of a company proves its capacity and capability of providing modern healthcare facilities. Mediclinic International PLC operates globally and serves its patients in various capacities. From hospitals to daycare clinics, it provides a range of services to its patients.

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