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Our Traders’ Blog is a fun, informative and exciting section with topics traders like you search for!

On the Internet, there are countless forex-related websites and blogs.

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However, many people are not getting what they want.

TradeFx discovered something was missing!

We figured that someone had to do something about what was missing.

As a trader, you require a secure environment in which to learn about forex trading and what is truly going on within the market.

There is no point in knowing about trading patterns and candlesticks or broker regulation if you are not getting what you truly want.

That is why we place such stress on the significance of these topics to everyone.

Our purpose is to guide you from every angle available, including:
Simplifying trading ideas in a professional and approachable manner, assisting our blog visitors in technical analysis.

Educating our blog visitors on how to avoid choosing an unregulated broker
Let’s face it, trading is difficult and requires hard work and dedication, which is not an easy way to make money.

Our resources will teach you the fundamentals of trading and think about the forex market as a businessperson. So, you don’t end up blowing your account

TradeFx serves to safeguard inexperienced traders from losing all of their money in the forex market, either through their own poor trading decisions or through the actions of others.

The only thing we ask is that you enjoy your time with us and learn as much as you can so that you can apply what you have learned along the road. Bonus Promotion bonus programs can help you lift your trading. The trade name with excellent visibility deals with different Forex and CFD products. Currently, it offers over 2200 other financial benefits around the world. provides a fair share to online traders. As part of its regulatory compliance, the company is offering several bonuses and promotions. The company is regulated by the industries that are at high ranking in the world. These include FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and FSCA. bonuses and promotions The company offers many rewards programs and promotions, such as FBS, HYCM, and AVATrade. is a strictly regulated company and hosts a variety of promotional programs and offers bonuses. In the beginning, there were very few bonuses, but

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The Benefits of reading Forex books – 10 Best in 2022

Benefits of reading Forex Books

Do you want to understand how trading in different currencies works? The best way to learn that is by reading forex books. These forex trading books will give you several key points to use for effective change in your trades. Here are some benefits of reading forex books that will help you in your trading career. 10 Benefits of Reading Forex Trading Books in 2021 Understanding the Principles of Real-life Market For beginners, the entire concept of selling one currency and buying another might seem as good as new. Forex trading books give you knowledge of how the market operates. Although the tips you get from the books will help you throughout, their main impact would be on your start.

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Day Trading – A Beginner’s Guide to Gaining Profits


Trading is a type of fun game that doesn’t promise maximum capital. Yet, the traders can do so with their calculated investments and strategies. Day trading is also one of its kind. It opens and closes in a day and offers multiple investment opportunities to enjoy throughout and win to gain capital. Investing for hardly 15 minutes or an hour per trade is interesting. However, it is also risky, especially for beginners. So, here is our attempt to provide a beginner’s guide to day trading to allow them to gain profits daily. So, let’s dive in and understand what day trading holds in it. What is day trading? Day trading is one of the trading strategies that offer maximum benefits

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London Forex Pairs – Liquid Majors


The moment Asian trade markets close, the European counterparts start their trade journey! Despite numerous financial centres all over Europe, traders and investors pay greater attention to London as the centre of attraction. As a result of its strategic location, London has become the world’s favourite centre for trade. London forex pairs are the destination of more than 42% of all forex transactions, which is surprising. This session is also known as “European” trading. Overview about London forex trade session The London session is considered one of the key financial centres where the most forex transactions are conducted. As a result, higher liquidity and perhaps a lower transaction cost, such as a lower pip spread. There have been many transactions

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