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Deriv offers competitive trading conditions such as STP execution, tight spreads, leverage of 1:1000 and a low minimum deposit.
CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

One strategy best forex brokers employ to get new customers is offering bonuses.

Customers can take advantage of the broker with a welcome bonus to obtain additional funds, presents, unrestricted access to analytical services, and various other benefits.

Thus, there are many other bonuses for customers based on their trading strategy. One of the most common and well-liked is the bonus for forex trading.

This form of bonus on most forex brokers is beneficial to both consumers. And best forex brokers it is often considered to be the most popular and sought-after type of bonus.

We will detail this type of incentive and how it can differ from one broker to another. You will also see what distinguishes one broker from another that offers a bonus.

In this article, we list all brokers with welcome bonus and learn more about what is a welcome bonus. You can search for any broker on our website to read a full review with their deposit bonus, leverage, minimum deposit and if they are regulated.

What is a welcome bonus in the forex market?


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5 stars from 881 ratings

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Forex Welcome Bonuses are a form of marketing made available by various best forex brokers over a minimum deposit amount. It will return a set percentage of the money you deposited.

This incentive is added to a customer’s account after making their first deposit with the company. Compared to the other deposit account bonus, this one for FX trading is by far the most generous.

As an illustration, a broker may provide a welcome-free bonus equal to one hundred percent of the free money amount of the initial deposit.

The customer deposits $1,000 into the account as free money, and the broker adds another $1,000 to the account’s balance. Therefore, there will already be $2,000 in the user’s account when they log in.

However, the money you get as a bonus will occasionally be sent directly into your primary account. In the foreign exchange market, customers typically receive bonuses through “trading credits.”

A trader will have to fulfil several requirements before they can get them back. You may be able to use the bonus money to make up for a slippage. It will boost the margin when opening trades and other similar things in specific instances with certain companies.

Both the South African trader and the broker can benefit from the bonus. It is a win-win situation. The South African traders go away with more money than they initially invested money that they can put toward future trades.

Thus, the broker wants South African traders to make as many transactions as they can. Therefore, providing them with a bonus is a fantastic way to encourage them.

How Does the Bonus System for Forex Work?

Forex incentives can be available in a variety of operational modes.

The forex incentive that is most frequently encountered is known as a deposit bonus. South African traders can receive cash in exchange for putting a deposit into their account if they take advantage of this form of bonus.

Most of the time, the size of the bonus is proportional to the amount of money that the South African trader initially deposits.

For instance, AvaTrade provides a deposit match bonus of 20%, meaning that traders can get a more significant bonus in proportion to the amount they deposit.

There is a possibility that a trader will only be eligible for deposit bonus offers on their very first deposit to their account or on every deposit they make to their account.

There are additional perks and advanced trading tools for forex trading that require no initial deposit. After using these trading tools, traders automatically qualify for these benefits upon registering an account with the broker.

Forex bonuses that don’t need a deposit could require one to deposit the signup bonus amount can be withdrawn.

Principal terms and conditions for the bonus

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the offer’s terms and conditions before employing a forex trading bonus.

When it comes to bonuses, careful attention to detail is typically required. Traders risk taking their bonus away if they fail to meet the qualification requirements!

Traders in financial markets should begin by verifying the minimum deposit requirements to qualify for a bonus.

To qualify for some bonus offers in trading CFDs, traders may be required to open a particular account or make transactions via a specific payment method.

The next thing traders should consider is the trading guidelines for signup bonus money. The bonus may come with restrictions on the amount of maximum leverage that may be accessible, the types of assets that can be traded with it, or the number of trades that can be opened at once.

Most bonus programs stipulate that traders must first reach specific volume requirements when trading CFDs. This is to be eligible to withdraw forex broker deposit funds or earnings.

Check to see the volume requirements and whether they need to be met within a certain amount of time, for example, within 30 or 60 days. Be cautious in examining which trades are eligible as well.

Some best forex brokers demand that trades move a certain minimum number of pips to prevent traders from rapidly entering into the real trading account. They prefer closing transactions within trading accounts to meet the volume requirements for the bonus.

What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of the bonus?

The Bonus when trading CFDs has both positives and negatives for traders to consider. The brokers are obligated to inquire with their customers about whether or not they wish to accept the bonus.

Let’s look at the bonus’s primary benefits and drawbacks.


• The bonus in trading accounts provides customers with additional funds for trading. This is of utmost significance for those unable to provide a significant amount of money.

•A trader in any proprietary trading platform whose broker has given a free bonus can begin trading on a live account. This will happen before depositing if the trader chooses to do so.

• A trader on trading platforms might use the money they get as a “welcome bonus” to compensate for any slip-ups or losses that occur while trading with the money.


• The deposit bonus is subject to specific limitations. This may make it difficult for traders to make use of the offer.

• Withdrawing bonuses from your account is only possible if specific requirements have been satisfied.

• Trading with a deposit bonus may cause you to trade based on your feelings. This may cause you to make hasty decisions.

How can you get your hands on welcome bonuses?

When it comes to withdrawing signup bonus money on trading platforms, Forex brokers offer a wide variety of policies and procedures. Different trading platforms have their own unique set of requirements.

The brokers on trading platforms prevent the funds from being withdrawn too quickly to avoid the creation of phoney accounts. These accounts are just created to receive the deposit bonus and other promotions.

As a result, a set of criteria needs to be satisfied before the funds can be utilized. The majority of brokers adhere to the following guidelines about how a bonus can be cashed out:

1.         The volume of trading in lots

For the deposit bonus to be credited to a client’s live account, the company instructed them on how many trading lots they may accomplish. Formulas are frequently employed to determine the monetary value of individual lots.

For instance, on, each lot is valued at ten US Dollars. A trader needs to execute 300 lots of business before they are eligible to withdraw their bonus of USD 3,000.

2.         The number of transactions performed for a particular sum

As part of the bonus for forex trading, the broker will offer the customer a set amount of money and then instruct them to multiply it by several different values.

For instance, the agreements of the corporation stipulate x4, which translates to the requirement that the $100 incentive be “transformed” into $400.

After that, you will be able to extract it without any further difficulty.

3.         The number of commissions given to the total turnover

We all know that commissions on retail accounts are the primary means brokers generate revenue. Thus, the companies desire that new traders pay the maximum amount of commissions feasible.

The brokers can directly link bonus withdrawals to commissions. Well, the quicker a trader can close the required number of trades to reach a particular value, the quicker the trader will be able to withdraw the bonus.

There are also situations in which companies will not permit new traders to withdraw the deposit bonus that they have been awarded by using financial instruments.

However, customers can use these funds for various purposes using financial instruments. This will be including raising their margin, compensating for losses or slippages, or making payments for trading or analytical services.

Where can I find the maximum bonus amount for forex?

The deposit bonus may be subject to specific restrictions depending on the broker. For instance, it may be restricted based on the location that you currently call home.

The financial sector’s authority regulation in the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom have established some stringent guidelines for distributing bonuses.

Thus, businesses that have obtained licenses in these regions never provide new customers with a bonus or any other type of promotion under financial instruments.

The majority of the time, the brokers that provide these bonuses are the ones who have their licenses issued in offshore jurisdictions.

When you receive a bonus, your time to use it is frequently restricted. The typical time restriction ranges from one to two months.

Sometimes new traders or brokers will provide you with the opportunity to fulfil the required trading volume in three or six months rather than immediately.

Additionally, the corporation could restrict the total amount of maximum leverage that can be applied to a trading volume. It may be lower than the one assigned to your live trading account.

If, for instance, your typical leverage is 1:500 in the live trading account, the company might restrict the trading volume. They will let you only trade with a maximum leverage of 1:50 when using the forex broker bonus.

The monies will remain in the bonus live trading account until the trader has satisfied all requirements. These requirements are necessary for the cash to be transferred in their whole to the client’s account.

What other types of bonuses are available in forex trading?

Forex no deposit bonuses are available in a variety of types. The following is a list of various sorts of bonuses that brokers provide:

1.         Forex deposit bonus

You will receive a bonus proportional to the amount of money you deposit to qualify for the forex no-deposit bonuses. The bonus sum of new traders will frequently correspond to the player’s initial deposit amount.

2.         Forex no deposit bonus

The best forex no-deposit bonus is a bonus that does not require you to deposit to receive it. This is obvious from the name of the promotion, which has competitive trading conditions.

In most cases, the only thing required is to join under such competitive trading conditions. Because of this money, you can engage in real-time trading without putting your own money in danger under certain trading conditions.

3.         A reward program for your loyalty

The frequency with which you utilize a company’s services is typically taken into consideration by forex broker loyalty programs. Your compensation will be proportional to the amount of stock that you buy and sell.

These rewards under trading conditions may include reduced trading costs or entry into live events and meetings. You can access real prizes or reduced trading charges with a signup bonus.

4.         A Points-Based System

There are also customer loyalty programs available, which forex brokers can utilize as point systems.

You will get more points in these systems when you make more trades. Consequently, the points can be exchanged for prizes such as money, vehicles, and vacations.

5.         Cashback and other types of rebates

Various forms of perks are available in addition to cashback and rebate programs. This form of incentive awards monetary compensation proportional to the number of lots you trade.

Relationship between deposit, bonus, and total trading capital

Simply put, the larger the initial deposit you make, the more capital you have available for trading.

If you make a deposit of USD 500 and qualify for a trading bonus of 50%, you will receive USD 250 in additional funds to trade with. After adding this to your existing trading money, you now have a total of USD750 at your disposal.

After that, you’ll have the funds to begin trades and select more advantageous position sizes.

If you increase the sum to $10,000 and then add the same bonus of 50%, your total capital will increase to $15,000 after adding this bonus.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to put up a more significant amount of money as a deposit, even if the broker you choose just requires a small sum initially.

What exactly is the purpose of a bonus?


When you first begin trading or even trade-in another market, you may make some errors and poor decisions.

You’ll be able to make decisions with more self-assurance once you’ve become acclimated to the trade site. This will make you feel more comfortable with what you’re doing. At this point, you’ll wish to settle on more desirable alternatives.

It is a utopian fantasy to believe everyone will eventually achieve their goals. It is acceptable to act carelessly, mainly if you are confident that you will learn something valuable from experience!

A bonus account acts as an additional buffer for you. It allows you the time and space to experiment with new things and learn new things.

Sometimes, you do find that you make mistakes when you are playing with bonus accounts. In that case, you should avoid making as many of the common rookie blunders as you are playing with real money.

We are all aware that our errors within bonus accounts can pave the path to our greatest successes. Thus, it is not a negative thing to immediately make free bonus mistakes and get knowledge from them.

You can put the money from your investments toward activities that you are already skilled at, and you can use the funds from your bonuses to investigate opportunities in other markets. That is an excellent choice to make.

The only legitimate deposit bonus restriction placed on bonus accounts is the prohibition on using them to wager on competition entrance costs. This best forex bonus rule only applies to tournaments.

What are the basic bonus requirements?

The free bonus application process can be summarised as follows:

1.          Establishing a new account

2.          Providing the documentation required for a cheque to be written on your account

3.          Simply select the “Get the Broker Bonus” button (or reach out to accept your bonus)

Yes, the trading credit rules must be fulfilled, and your broker will explain in detail how you should make use of your bonus.

Remember that different financial markets’ bonuses are inextricably linked to trading credit money. It cannot be removed before trading because risks are involved in your capital.

Sometimes, a broker on a trading platform believes a forex account trader is trying to take advantage of a promotion they are offering. In that case, they have the power to refuse the trader the bonus, keep the bonus for themselves, or take it away entirely.

The vast majority of bonuses come with a deadline by which they must be redeemed.

Therefore, if you make a forex account application for a bonus and are awarded it but do not utilize it within a predetermined time, the bonus may become invalid.

For instance, the average time limit on a bonus is thirty days. And if you haven’t redeemed it by the end of that period, it will no longer be valid.

Can I get a refund of my welcome signup bonus amount?

You will not be able to get your welcome bonus refunded in a forex market. On the other hand, you are free to withdraw any forex account profits you made from trading the welcome bonus.

This withdrawal of this financial sector conduct authority is also subject to certain limitations. These limitations have been implemented to prevent con artists from using the trading platform.

Sadly, many people only join up for a South Africa account to earn the welcome bonus on their trading style. And as soon as they get it, they delete their account and never return.

Therefore, for new Forex traders to get their money, they must fulfil all requirements.

You should also be aware that each Forex broker that offers a bonus has a unique set of guidelines. These deposit bonus broker guidelines govern the process by which you may withdraw your money. Thus, you must be familiar with these guidelines.

Things to know when choosing a welcome bonus on any broker

There are a few considerations you, as a deposit bonus broker, need to give some attention to guarantee that you are doing business in free risks involved setting. Regarding the success of your trade to not lose money, bonuses on retail investor accounts can significantly impact you.

The following is some welcome bonus information you should know before signing up for a forex bonus.

·         How long will the bonus be available?

If a trading account South Africa user is eligible for the offer, you should know how long the bonus will be available.

Get an idea about whether there are any additional restrictions on how trading credits can be used in real-world markets. All such trading account elements are typically outlined in a document outlining the service’s terms and conditions.

Before you sign up with a trading account broker, you should make sure you read all of the documentation. This will prevent you to face any results or lose money. Just fully comprehend the agreements, regardless of how much time it takes.

·         Pick the deal that works best for you

There is a possibility of traders receiving a variety of awards and sign-up bonuses from various brokers. However, merchants can only participate in a single rewards program at a given time.

Therefore, you should select a method of advertising that is effective for your business on many forex brokers. You are eligible for a substantial welcome bonus when you sign up. And you are eligible for a reload sign-up bonus whenever you make a subsequent deposit.

When it comes to marketing, various brokers adhere to a variety of guidelines on their retail investor accounts.

·         Policy of taking a step backwards

If you select a sign-up bonus, it is possible that you will not be able to withdraw the entirety of your trading capital. This will happen until you have satisfied several requirements relating to trading.

Similarly, caps may be placed on the signup bonus total amount. And there may also be instances where the free trading credits can be converted into cash.

Brokers over their own proprietary trading platforms can establish wagering requirements of anywhere from 5% to 30% to free up the signup bonus money.

If a trader on their retail investor accounts does not complete the required number of lots by the deadline, the broker has the right to remove the bonus amount from the account. In some instances, the broker may also withdraw the trader’s winnings with no fear to lose money.

List of brokers with welcome bonus reviews

The list of forex trading brokers who are now offering bonuses and other deals is listed below:

1.         FBS

The promotions and bonus incentives offered by FBS forex trading are among the very best in the industry. They have a wide variety of deposit forex bonuses and a world-famous reputation for being a trustworthy broker.

At FBS forex brokers, some of the most valuable prizes include trips and brand-new automobiles. In addition, the site offers 100% deposit bonuses that will double the amount of money you put in.

Additionally, if you achieve specific requirements, FBS forex brokers will give you cashback or provide you with deposit bonuses that do not require a deposit.

You have the opportunity to win cash, trips, and access to VIP events as part of the bonus offer provided by FBS forex brokers. Sharing posts with your friends on Facebook can also get you into contests on the platform.

For a variety of different reasons, Traders consider FBS forex brokers to be one of the finest bonus brokers in the industry.

2.         XM

XM forex brokers are widely recognized as one of the most successful brokers in the industry. Additionally, their bonuses and one-time promotions are of very high quality.

You won’t be putting your own money at risk when you use these tools to trade for real money using the no-deposit bonus of $30.

Your initial deposit bonuses will be matched by free cash up to the amount of the broker’s deposit bonus. This will be up to $4500 if you take advantage of the broker’s deposit bonus offer.

XM distributes the sum of one million dollars in various sign-up bonus options and lucky draws.

Traders who participate in the broker’s loyalty program consistently are also eligible to receive points without any fear to lose money.

When you deal with the broker, you have the opportunity to convert these points into a variety of valuable goods and services.

3.         Instaforex

The following broker on our recommended list is InstaForex forex brokers. They provide perks such as discounts and freebies. Thus, they have the trust of a diverse selection of merchants operating in the same sector.

They kick off their incentive program with what the industry considers to be one of the most generous no-deposit bonuses available. The bonus on your deposit is worth a thousand dollars.

On top of this enormous signup bonus offer, the broker provides an additional bonus on deposits of thirty percent.

Therefore, this indicates that you will consistently receive an additional 30% in risk-free bonus cash on top of the money you initially invested in the venture.

A demo account on different proprietary trading platforms is required to participate and be eligible for winning any of the many contests or challenges hosts. Many tangible rewards, such as automobiles, cash, and other items, can be found in this location.

4.         Roboforex

RoboForex forex brokers is another well-known and well-regarded top broker that provides its traders with bonuses and other unique deals.

The benefits begin with a deposit bonus equal to the amount you put into the account. The size of this bonus might range anywhere from 10% to 60% to a whopping 120% for deposits of more than $200.

RoboForex provides much more than just those two things. When you sign up with the broker, you’ll be eligible for a welcome bonus of $30.

Because of this, you will be able to successfully trade on any market you want without having to worry about any risks.

On both the trial and the actual accounts, you can participate in free weekly and daily competitions, each of which offers the potential to win real prizes.

Cash rebates are an additional benefit that is offered to habitual traders. These rebates can reach up to 15% of the total amount, but the amount depends on how much they trade.

5.         HotForex

HotForex is an essential industry component and is frequently ranked among the best brokers.

However, in addition to the one hundred percent credit incentive, they have a binding offer. If you make use of this benefit, you have the potential to double your money. As a consequence of this, the broker offers an incredible rescue bonus of thirty percent.

You are not permitted to withdraw more than $7,000 when using this incentive. The 100% Supercharged Bonus is their most sought-after incentive by a significant margin.

With this deal on such forex brokers, you can obtain a 100% bonus and up to $8,000 in cash rebates.

Because it possesses many impressive qualities, HotForex is recognized as one of the most well-known bonus brokers.

6.         OctaFX

There is also a company known as OctaFX among the most reliable proprietary trading platforms. When it comes to bonuses, they are not making any concessions, either.

It is highly recommended that you participate in some demo account contests with the best currency pairs if you trade with this broker.

If you use Metatrader, you have the potential to win up to $500 in real cash under your own capital. However, if you use cTrader, you have the potential to win up to $150 in real money.

If you like what you see, you have the option to deposit real money into a demo account under different currency pairs. Later on, you can gain a bonus of up to fifty percent on that money. In addition, there are several prizes up for grabs.

Is it worth it to avail fore bonus and forex tips?

Bonuses are one of the key reasons why people sign up with the forex broker houses in the first place in the modern world of Forex demo account trading.

Because of how human psychology works, we are rapidly pulled towards these presents like moths to a flame. This implies that rich prizes can attract and seduce new visitors, which means new investors, because of how the human brain works.

We are eager to explore new fsc trading desk MetaTrader deals even when we do not have credible and verified advice for a Forex demo account bonus. Unfortunately, this eagerness can frequently lead us into well-prepared fraud and other similar traps.

Best forex bonuses, in addition to being used as a motivation to visit a site, can also function as a retention tool. Their job can be to keep clients loyal to a specific forex broker company. In other words, they can be used to keep clients loyal to a forex broker company.

Because of this, our guide to forex bonuses will provide you with good recommendations and trustworthy guidance on how to begin your career in the foreign exchange market.

Related questions: FAQs

1.      Can you withdraw the welcome bonus?

There is no requirement for a deposit of any kind from you. The player’s account will automatically be credited with either cash or free spins, depending on the type of bonus awarded.

Players can use this bonus on any game of their choosing, or they can use it on games that the casino recommends. The vast majority of bonuses that do not require a deposit are sticky,’ meaning they cannot be paid out.

2.      Is it wise to take advantage of free forex bonuses?

You won’t be required to make a deposit or use your own money when you trade if you take advantage of a free Forex bonus.

To profit from a free Forex bonus, the broker will require you to complete a predetermined number of trades. This is important before you are allowed to withdraw any money you have earned.

3.      Is this a real no-deposit bonus, or is it a scam?

Because brokers use this to get more people to visit their websites, several phoney websites offer a no-deposit bonus on forex. This is because forex brokers use this to attract more people to their websites to avail of deposit bonus amounts.

When trying to determine whether or not the no-deposit Forex bonus option is genuine, a few considerations need to be made.

4.      How can I locate the ideal bonus that does not involve a deposit on my part?

The Penguin Boom Giveaway intends to accomplish its objective of giving away the very best forex no deposit bonus.

Traders can still put their names on the waiting list even though it is still being produced. At the moment, XM, Instaforex, Agea, and VantageFX are all interested in Forex brokers.

5.      How do I enjoy a no-deposit bonus?

The terms and conditions of working with each forex broker over trading bonuses are different. Get in touch with the company’s customer service department before applying for a forex bonus.

Some examples of terms and conditions on only one trading platform include the time a bonus is valid, the maximum amount of trading it can be used for, whether or not an additional deposit is required, and the locations in which it may be utilized.


When traders open their first account with a forex broker, they are frequently eligible for a welcome bonus.

However, experienced traders might also be eligible for bonuses when they make their subsequent deposits. This is dependent on the bonus policies of the various brokers.

You can increase the size of your position and, as a result, your leverage ratio by using a Forex bonus. This forex broker allows you to trade significant amounts of currency without risking your investment capital.

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