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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Classic Forex Trader Robot

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Deriv offers competitive trading conditions such as STP execution, tight spreads, leverage of 1:1000 and a low minimum deposit.
CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

The FX Classic Trader EA is one of the Forex robots that took years to develop. The system is, therefore, a perfect strategy for profitable, safe, and reliable Forex trading. You can specifically trade EURGBP currency pairs with this software.

The creators of FX Classic Trader emphasize that this EA is not the same as any other automated trading software. That’s because it’s the result of years of research. In this way, the robot has a perfect trading strategy that is robust but also profitable and safe. We analyze the Forex classic trader robot in depth to determine whether these claims are true and whether you should trust it.

Classic forex trader robot review


FX Classic Trader has been developed over thousands of hours of programming and testing by the developer. Furthermore, they want traders to know that it’s not just another EA but an ideal trading strategy that simultaneously offers safety, robustness, and profitability. The vendor also claims that their Forex robot is fully automated, has smart money management, follows FIFO, works with all brokers, and is 100% verified.

However, we should also remember that almost all Forex robot vendors make similar promises. This is the way developers of robots like Forex Pip Killer, Forex Lush, Fly Higher Nova, and many others promote their products.

They always aim to use the most creative phrases to promote their products. In reality, it is never like that. So FX Classic Trader developer isn’t the first vendor to use this marketing technique.

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Deriv Broker Review
5 stars from 881 ratings

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Understanding Forex trading robots

Trader robots are software programs that generate trading signals automatically. Trading robots typically work with MetaTrader, a scripting language that lets traders place orders and generate trading signals. Trading robots remove the psychological component of trading that can be detrimental to traders.

The internet offers automated Forex trading robots for purchase, but traders should take caution when purchasing one. Many companies sell trading systems with money-back guarantees overnight before disappearing a few weeks later. They can cherry-pick successful trades as the most likely outcome for trade or use curve-fitting to produce great results when backtesting a system.

Still, these are not legitimate ways of assessing opportunities and risks. Traders criticize Forex expert advisors for generating profits in the short term but exhibiting mixed performance in the long run. Their main reason is that they follow trends and move within a specific range. In this way, a sudden price movement can wipe out short-term profits.

What is an FX classic Forex trader?

FX Classic Trader is a trend EA available with any broker using Metatrader4. The FX Classic Trader is a non-martingale EA that works best with the EURGBP pair.

  • An advisor’s profitability is 335%.
  • A Basic Lifetime License costs $109.
  • There is a minimum deposit requirement of $200.
  • This classic forex trader robot recommends leverage of 50:1.

FX Classic Trader stands out from the rest as one of the leading software development companies providing automated Forex robots (Forex expert advisor) with high-quality and fully automated trading solutions. The development of a classic forex trader robot has taken years of hard work, programming, and testing. It took countless hours of programming and testing to develop FX Classic Trader.

Forex expert advisors (Forex EA, Forex trading robots, automated trading systems) are automated trading programs that place, modify, and close trades on your Meta Trader 4 platform for you. You only need the Meta trader 4 trading account to use the classic forex trader robot. A Forex expert advisor on the internet is insecure and can harm your trading account type.

We program all of these Forex trading robots. With good customer service and frequent updates, we ensure that your portfolio doesn’t suffer any unexpected disruptions. Before getting started, you should find an excellent broker who offers the Meta trader 4 platforms. Despite what you may think, brokers differ from one another.

Some are more reliable than others, with different spreads, data feeds, etc. Choosing a high-quality broker is crucial. Based on our tests, we have determined which brokers work best with our software and in general. In most cases, selecting a broker is a matter of personal preference.

You only need an MT4 platform to use a classic forex trader robot. There is no doubt that most free expert advisors are not trustworthy enough, and they can cause your Forex trading account to lose money if you use them.

Things that make it an amazing Forex expert advisor

The classic forex trader robot is a fully automated Forex trading system loaded with several essential features that make currency trading easier and more profitable. The robot aims to be compatible with every broker so that you can choose among the thousands of available brokers. It uses smart money management to protect your cash from greater threats than ever imagined.

Each trader of this automated trading system receives Lifetime Support, ensuring that you will get the necessary assistance and support in case of a problem. Additionally, the classic forex trader robot software complies with NFA and FIFO laws, making trading with this Forex robot safe and fair.

Vendor transparency of classic forex trader robot

This vendor of classic forex trader robot is anonymous. The company involved has zero information about its developers, year of foundation, trading experience, contact details, location, etc.


This classic forex trader robot has a few requirements you should keep in mind to ensure that your trading experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You must have to pick a high-quality broker. For this reason, your broker selection should meet the following requirements to provide you with the best experience:

  • Traders can use MetaTrader 4 to trade.
  • Recommended leverage should range from 1:100 to 1:500, with a minimum of 1:50.
  • There must be a minimum investment of $200 in the account.
  • A brokerage firm must have narrow spreads.
  • There is only a need for a 5-digit pricing feed.
  • To trade properly, the EA must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Features of FX classic trader

1. Smart money management

This EA utilizes smart and effective money management to reduce losses and risks, allowing it to maximize earnings while not exposing the trader to high risk. Martingale trading is not necessary when using the classic forex trader robot. It is recommendable to trade a 0.01 lot at an investment of $200 for ease of trading.

2. Logical trading

Traders who use the FX Classic strategy can study the market to capture price movement between Support and Resistance levels. Furthermore, the classic forex trader robot analyzes price movement using an indicator, resulting in a distinctive trading algorithm that’s hard to replicate. An algorithm automatically places the most profitable time to open or close an order to maximize profit.

3. Brokers remain independent

The FX Classic Trader automated trading system is free of charge and compatible with virtually any broker and account type. You should start with a demo account before trading real money to test the system. Tight spreads can help you earn more by trading with a broker.

4. Outstanding trading results

This Forex robot trading strategy optimizes earnings while minimizing drawdowns, allowing you to maximize your profits. You will be able to observe the extraordinary trading results that this robot attains after acquiring this automatic trading system.

5. Timeframe, currency pairs, deposit

EA primarily trades EURGBP and requires an investment of $200 for 0.01 lots. The timeframe is H1.

6. Trading approach

According to the vendor, FX Classic Trader focuses on support/resistance and indicator analysis. This is a non-martingale strategy that minimizes losses early and maximizes gains for good trades. There is a lack of detail and superficiality in these explanations.

7. License

For clients, there are three license packages available – Basic ($109), Business ($129), and Premium ($149). Each package comes with more options for a lifetime license, free upgrades, and free customer support.

Basic licenses allow for one demo and one live account, Business licenses allow for two demos and two live accounts, and Premium licenses allow for three demos and three live accounts.

Basic Version – 109 USD

  • 1 Real Account
  • 1 Demo Account
  • 100% automated trading
  • Lifelong license
  • Free upgrades and support

Business Version – 129 USD

  • 2 Real Account
  • 2 Demo Account
  • 100% automated trading
  • Lifelong license
  • Free upgrades and support

Premium Version – 149 USD

  • 3 Real Account
  • 3 Demo Account
  • 100% automated trading
  • Lifelong license
  • Free upgrades and support

Software strategy of classic Forex trader robot

Traders who use FX Classic Trader end up with shallow and insufficient explanations of trading logic. This EA strategy uses support/resistance and indicator analysis. The EA analyzes the market daily with a unique algorithm determining when to close and open transactions.

According to the vendor, their classic forex trader robot is non-Martingale. Their classic forex trader robot is broker-independent, and the risk management is professional to minimize losses and maximize gains. We must compare trade performance and product quality to determine the FX Classic Trader equity curve.

The developer states that the robot exploits price swings between support and resistance in conjunction with indicators. No martingale strategy takes place, and it is compliant with all brokers.

We can observe from FXBlue’s history that it uses high stops (100+ pips) and small profits (10+ pips). The average trade length for EURGBP is 5.4 days. There are backtesting records available for the robot for the EURGBP currency pair. H1 is the timeframe for this. The records span three years (2017.01.01-2020.03.30). Modelling quality was set at 90% for the creation of this report.

According to these records, the $499 deposited initially turned into $783073.59 in total profits. There was a 13.23 profit factor, but a high absolute drawdown of 20.99% makes this statistic unreliable. $36251.47 was the biggest profit trade, and $9124.76 was the biggest loss trade for this product.

Software results of classic Forex trader robot

Classic Forex Trader robot tracks its trade performance and equity curve on the FXBlue platform rather than There is thus a loophole for manipulations to take place. FXBlue statistics show a total return of 156.64% within 116 days of trading.

There is a monthly return of +32.2% and a peak drawdown of -1.8%, which seems impossible. Equity curves have steadily risen in recent months. It is, therefore, a question of why the developer does not track their results on Could this developer be manipulating statistics?

FXBlue has verified the robot’s live trading results. CNH is the currency. You can track performance between 2021/08/30 and 2022/01/27. As a result, the system generates a monthly return of 15.40% with a profit factor of 3.50. The balance is 3,811.36 CNH. In total, the system has lost -736.69 CNH so far. Contrary to best practices, there is no information about the system’s drawdown.

Our concern remains that the developer of the FX Classic Trader Forex robot did not utilize the services of myfxbook. Either the developer is using FXBlue to fix some stats, or they want to manipulate the results in the feature if the EA strategy fails. Either way, it is a trick commonly used by developers of Forex robots. A developer with a perfect and profitable myfxbook equity curve is hard to find.

Steps to starting your classic trader Forex robot


  1. Log into the MetaTrader 4 terminal.
  2. Open the menu “Files,” then “Open Data Folder.”
  3. Copy the EA’s files from the archive into the data folder of your MetaTrader4 terminal: FX Classic Trader.ex4 file to MQL\Experts.
  4. Log into your MetaTrader 4 terminal.
  5. Attach HTML clipboard FX Classic Trader.ex4 file to the Navigator panel to the EURGBP H1 chart.
  6. Allow “Live trading” in common settings.
  7. Leave the default values of the Input settings or set the desired values.
  8. Ensure that “AutoTrading” is enabled on your MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Are FX trading bots profitable?

One thing is certain FX auto trading software developers could become millionaires. The goal of most people is to make a lot of money, so smart designers ensure that robot FX trading appears to be one of the best ways to accomplish this. Even so, they use this as an opportunity to sell and profit by designing a bot or other software (such as a DVD, webinar, seminar, e-book, etc.).

If the bots they sell can make a lot of money through trading currencies, why do they sell them to others instead of using them on their Forex accounts? Beginners can barely make money using bots – the answer is logical.

Is it possible to make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month with a $109 FX bot or a free Forex bot? You should ask yourself whether you would accept such a low price if it were available.

The key to successful FX trading is knowledge, proficiency, and skill. Thinking analytically and seeing something visually are both important in this process. When looking at what Forex bots are, it is clear that they cannot work properly in this way. Only an experienced Forex trader can tell when to enter and stay out of the market as market conditions change constantly.


  • Low drawdown.
  • Traders can view live trading results.
  • Grid element is present.


  • There is no feedback from customers.
  • Vendor transparency is lacking.
  • A lack of detail is present in the strategy explanation.

The FX Classic Trader seems to be a mystery to some people. There are no reviews yet for FX Classic Trader on FPA. We are unsure whether traders are using it to manage their trading accounts.


1. How to install the FX classic trader on MetaTrader 4?

The FX Classic Trader on MT4 is pretty easy to install with an active internet connection. To install the robot, you only need to download the installation files and place them in the correct folders in your MT4. Start happy trading with FX Classic Trader without problems by installing and running EAs on MT4.

2. How profitable is the FX classic trader on the real/demo account?

The FX Classic Trader achieved a profit level of 11531.7% during the live/demo trading period. A respected third-party company has verified these results.

3. What is the drawdown level of the FX classic trader on the real/demo account?

During the live/demo trading period, the FX Classic Trader kept the maximum fixed drawdown level at 81.4%.

4. How much does the FX classic trader cost?

Traders can purchase FX Classic Trader for $109 from the official developer.

Bottom line

The FX Classic Trader maintained a low drawdown during backtesting and live trading. However, we have observed that the grid approach is in use. This strategy may result in unfavourable outcomes for the account in the future.

Furthermore, the developers do not reveal their identities, so determining their reputation and trustworthiness is virtually impossible. The FX Classic Trader Forex robot team should explain why they aren’t tracking performance on if the EA is performing well.

Additionally, we should build confidence in the software based on the experience and achievements of the developers. We believe this product is not yet ready for the market, and traders may be interested in researching it.

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