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Forex Broker Killer – Kgopotso Mmutlane Review 2022

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Kgopotso Mmutlane, widely known as Dj Coach Tsekeleke, is a young millionaire who is popular for showcasing his lavish lifestyle with a public display of his expensive cars, luxurious houses, and bundles of cash on various social media platforms.

He credits all of this to his successful trading style. According to research, in hopes of having a similar lifestyle, thousands of South African have followed his steps and invested a certain amount of cash in trading.

What is a Forex Broker Killer?

Forex Broker Killer, FBK, Online Services is a Forex strategy provider. It provides its members exclusive Forex strategies tried and tested by its founder Dj Kgopotso Mmutlane.

Mmutlane has been in the Forex business for over four years. This experience, combined with the successful results he has yielded, make him a reliable mentor.

Who is a Forex Broker Killer?

Kgopotso Mmutlane is one of the youngest millionaires in South Africa. On top of that, he is among few youngest and most successful Forex traders. According to him, he owes his success to Forex trading.

When you make a list of the most accomplished traders of South America, you cannot miss Mmutlane’s name. He is a living inspiration for many other people who, like him, come from humble beginnings.

He claims that trading took him from living in a small hut to owning a beautiful two-story house with luxuries.

The reason behind his magnanimous success at such a young age is his will to succeed. He now tries to teach the same to other young individuals to materialise their dreams as well.

His story will definitely be a guiding torch for those who want to understand trading in South America.

According to Mmutlane, he wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Instead, he took birth in Motodi Village, close to the Burgersfort town in the Limpopo Province.


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5 stars from 881 ratings

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The family lived in a small house with their parents. Despite being poor, they never starve because his father worked hard to provide for the family. He noticed that he lived in a shack, whereas other people owned magnificent houses.

Growing up looking at all those mansions inculcated an insatiable desire to be successful. From a very young age, he had clear goals in his mind. First, he wanted to make money.

He heard about Forex trading from a friend in Leolo High school. The thought of making large sums of money was enough to intrigue his interests.

Mmutlane mentioned that he was formally introduced into the business by Merika Mphogo in April 2016. In addition to that, he was motivated by Sandton Boys, who used to tell them they’ll get rich pretty quick.

After doing some personal research, Mmutlane decided to invest. According to him, making money takes a lot of time. You first need to invest a lot of your time exploring the market, after which you will eventually learn the craft. So financial education is very important, in his opinion.

He said that he lost his school fees worth R15,000 in hopes of becoming a millionaire in a week. This explains that there are no shortcuts on the road to success.

Some businesses are definitely quicker to yield fruit than others, but you have to sweat and effort. This is a good lesson for all young individuals.

What is the net worth of Forex Broker Killer?

The current exact net worth of the DJ coach is not known; however, in a previous video of his, the coach himself said that at one point, his FNB bank account had almost R40 million.

When another trader complained online about losing 4000 Rands under FBK’s posts, the coach explained that Forex requires patience. It is a brisk business, and losing money is a part of it.

DJ told the commenter that he has lost R40 million while trading. He insists that one can only be successful if one has good mentors. Investing in quality financial education is another one of Coach’s advice.

The goal is basically to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge and guidance. The rest comes with experience.

Dj Coach’s house is worth R5 million, and it is believed that he owns seven houses. On top of that, he owns almost 22 cars, nearly all of which are luxurious. In addition to that, he has much more cash in his accounts.

It is hard to estimate an exact average for his wealth.

Apart from being a successful trader, Kgopotso Mmtulane is a philanthropist as well. Coming from a humble background made him have a soft corner for the ones in need.

He has made a foundation that provides for the needy. He can be seen handing out money on the streets. Furthermore, he sends random e-wallets to students and gives them large sums of money.

At one instance, he paid R23,000 in cash for a car service on one of his widely seen reality show episodes.

Forex Broker Killer DJ Coach

He once told in an interview that he wanted to be a DJ from a young age. However, his parents disapproved of it. They belonged to the Christian faith and believed that this was a devil’s playground.

They further believed that if he started going out to nightclubs, someone would stab and kill him.

He did not regard his parent’s wishes and sneaked out in the night without them knowing. However, the local street dwellers liked his music. Hence, he got nicknamed DJ Coach Tsekeleke.

He collaborated with other artists and released a couple of songs. A few of them are:

  • Golden Sand (Deep House Guitar Edit) DJ Coach Feat. Dhany
  • Happy Day (Extended Mix DJ Coach
  • Golden Sand (Deep House Guitar Edit) DJ Coach Feat. Dhany
  • Golden Sand (Instrumental Edit) DJ Coach Feat. Dhany
  • Forex Trader DJ Coach Feat. Mellow Oupich

Forex Broker Killer reviews: scam or not

People have given multiple reviews about DJ Coach Tsekeleke. However, it is hard to find a study that looks original and not staged. Traders have seen that most of the reviews are fake and untrustworthy.

Many people have called DJ Coach out for hypocrisy and have claimed that he fakes his lifestyle for the clout.

Most of the people used to believe him. This was the case until he gave a specific interview on the radio. The interviewer asked him if he was a millionaire. In answer to that, he asserted that he is an aspiring millionaire.

For clarity, the interviewer asked again. The dialogue between the two went like this:

Interviewer: So, you are not a millionaire?

Coach: No, I am not.

He gave this statement despite claiming to be a millionaire several times. It is to be noted that he has always been a self-proclaimed millionaire. No research has ever confirmed or denied this claim.

This confession, however, made a lot of people sceptical towards his wealth. To combat the mistrust, he even reduced the fees charged for joining the FBK mentorship group. At one point, he was even seen giving a discount of up to 95%.

Although the gesture was supposed to make him likeable in the public’s eyes, it ended up making him look desperate. This further made people doubt his claims.

On the other hand, few people considered it a gesture of kindness. Moreover, FBK Coach confessed that all the cars do not belong to him. In fact, they belong to the entire FBK family. This made the other FBK mentors questionable in the eyes of people as well.

On another occasion, he said he’s only hustling, not a millionaire yet. However, the 23-year-old famous Forex trader shared with the Phat Joe and Family hosts that he considers himself a millionaire in the making.

So why is this news?

DJ Coach and his team have always showcased their lives on social media in an extravagant manner. The purpose of this show and tell was to make people believe in their financial status.

In addition to that, they wanted to inculcate the desire for a similar lifestyle in their followers. It cannot be denied that they succeeded with it.

However, Kgopotso Mmutlane’s contradictory claims have made him unreliable in the eyes of his audience.

The audience is sceptical whether he actually owns all that stuff and keeps arguing that he is fake. To counter these suspicions, Mmutlane continues to give more statements and posts to reinforce that he owns everything.

If we keep his denial of being a millionaire in mind, all of this doesn’t add up nicely. The cars he shows are worth a couple of million Rands. So are the houses.

Contradicting this, he said to an audience of 2000 listeners on the radio that he doesn’t own all of those 22 cars.

He called them a collection that includes cars owned by his parents, family, and partners. However, he took a stance that said, “The whole story is to inspire, not impress”.

Now the question is, how much does DJ Coach make?

Coach says that he manages to make between one thousand to ten thousand Rands depending on various factors. However, those who have seen him trading live and making tons of cash on the videos shared suspect this claim is false.

This further damages Coach’s credibility. The followers are now concerned that trading videos and the values shown in them are not legitimate.

The reality show and why is it called FBK millionaire?

Dj Couch Tsekeleke introduced an FBK Millionaires reality show which airs on Moja Love Tv, Dstv Channel 157. The show first aired on Saturday, August 17, at 20:00.

Amidst this controversy, people quickly pointed out why his reality show’s name included a millionaire? The trader in his defence said that the name was not decided by him. It was, in fact, suggested by the channel.

The young trader told his listeners, “It’s the channel that decides on the name and stuff, but they know our version that we are millionaires under construction”.

Keeping in mind that SABC radio 2000 is a professional platform, it would not have been wise to lie in a recorded session. On the contrary, it is fairly easy to feed lies on social media. This could be the probable reason behind Coach’s sudden confession.

As a result of all this, Moja Love TV has cancelled the reality TV show without prior notice. This has left the viewers and fans baffled. The followers were in a frenzy when they found out the next series will not be broadcasted.

To counter all the speculations, DJ Coach informed his followers via social media that the show got cancelled because they lost the tapes that had the recordings. In addition to that, there wasn’t enough time for recording new episodes, so cancelling the show was the only option.

Forex Broker Killer institution

You can access the Forex Broker Institution via the official FBK website. FBK Online Services is an online Forex strategy provider. Unfortunately, they don’t teach trading to their members from scratch.

Instead, they provide them with strategies. Coach Kgopotso Mmutlane has founded these strategies in his trading career that spans over four years.

The financial foreign exchange market is undeniably the largest globally. It makes over 6.5 trillion dollars in trades daily. The high-pressure environment of the market is not a secret to anyone. The involvement of high risk and significant capital makes it appealing to brokers and banks.

Kgopotso Mmutlane claims that he has made trading Forex easier for people by offering free classes and seminars. He further added that Forex is a high-risk business. The trades involve a 90% risk of losing all the investment one did.

According to him, losing money is inevitable because the mega brokers know how to use trader’s emotions in their favour. The total chance of being a part of the winning category is 5%. That is, of one conduct a thorough fundamental analysis. It is the method for analysing the market using economic indicators, data, and news.

The coach further added that every mentor who has a connection with a broker is actually robbing his clients. Therefore, one must avoid such mentors.

According to DJ Coach, there are two categories or types of traders. One is the Instagram traders, whereas the other is the real Forex traders. The former ones will connect you with a suspicious broker through some links. This, in turn, results in loss of money.

On the other hand, the fundamental forex traders will provide a complete understanding of how the market operates. They show newbies the reality of the Forex market. On top of that, they chip in some tips and tricks to avoid scam brokers.

Although the Forex Broker Killer Institution does not tell people how to trade, it does offer an essential guide to trading that beginners can take help from. That information is available in the form of a PDF file that can be accessed from the homepage.

The FBK online services are owned by Mmutlane Traders pty (ltd). The institute does not provide financial services. Neither does it give any guidance regarding account management or investments.

The traders who have not signed up to the platform through a payment method will only be able to see a pdf that explains what Forex Trading is as a whole. Nothing else is available to them on the website.

The price for signing up to the website keeps fluctuating. It can go down to as low as 600 Rands if there is a special offer. Otherwise, the prices might go up to 5000 Rands or more.

Forex Broker Killer one-minute strategy

The Forex Broker Killer, a one-minute strategy, is formed based on two factors. The performance of existing members who are using the Forex one-minute strategy and a modification’s strategy.

The FBK teams stand by their motto, “Don’t judge us on our performances but our students’ performance.” They insist that Forex is not a scheme to get rich overnight.

It is essential for traders to fully understand what they are getting into before stepping into the Forex business.

Lifetime signals and mentorship, along with the newly improved One-minute strategy in conjunction with the Modifications, are only accessible for the traders who have joined the one-minute strategy platforms.

If the traders need additional information regarding the Forex minute strategy or Modifications, they can contact the coach and his team through multiple platforms.

Forex Broker Killer Strategy

The platform provides free online video lessons for Amateur traders. All the strategies, however, are reserved for paying clients.

Although many people believe this, Forex Broker Killer does not offer a mobile application of any sort.

Forex Broker Killer application for download

As mentioned above, there isn’t any officially authorised mobile app for FBK. The company’s customer services department has confirmed this too.

All such claims are false and come under scams. If anyone comes across any fake application, they should bring it under the coach and his team’s notice.

For you to earn a profit with this software, you have to know what you are doing. If you are inexpert in forex trading, don’t fall into the false hypothesis that all you have to do is pay heed to what the Forex Killer software recommends and follow its advice.

In the same way that it is easy to find a good trade, it is equally easy to back out of one. Using any automated system will be difficult unless you have a solid understanding of forex trading.

Although Forex Killer is often successful in finding trends, it can sometimes alert traders too late, so they cannot comfortably profit from their trade. People with trading experience have an advantage in spotting trends before they start to benefit from them.

Some people find this software to be somewhat unimpressive for this reason. They cannot derive any further insight from it than what they have already gleaned from their knowledge of charts and so on.

In other words, once the trend has been identified and trade has been made, a knowledgeable observer should see any major support and resistance levels that may appear during the continuation of the trade.

An individual may find themselves quickly in a losing position if they cannot determine the price’s support and resistance level.
Beginner currency traders, especially, should avoid thinking that the software will preserve their investment by always giving them timely information to make timely decisions to exit profitable trades to preserve their profits.

Depending on your experience (especially past trading experience), you may occasionally need to consult other resources.

Forex Broker Killer Video

Kgopotso Mmutlane has had a significant presence on social media. In the past few months, he has garnered a massive audience in South Africa.

On top of that, the FBK millionaire reality shows that once aired on Moja Love TV now airs on YouTube. So the audience currently isn’t restricted to South Africa only.

He has been doing a lot on YouTube as well. Apart from displaying his flamboyant living style, experts have invited him to talk about Forex Broker Killer. Same Mhlongo is among the ones who interviewed him.

Forex Broker Killer Instagram

Dj couch Tsekeleke is a showy individual. There is no doubt about it. He loves to flaunt his riches. The same can be seen on his Instagram.

He has a flashy Instagram where he can be seen posting pictures of himself with all his prized possessions. The purpose is to give his followers a visual taste of his life.

You can say that a DJ coach lives life like a king.


Trading in the Forex market has become a big thing for many market traders—most of all, amongst the new adults. The thought of getting rich in a matter of minutes is enough to intrigue anyone.

Consequently, many commercial products have surfaced that take advantage of the information gap regarding the use of the trading market to yield profits.

Forex Killer is another one of these tools. It is a trading software designed to recognise the trading trend. Again, the software may be effective, but it is only as good as the trader itself.

So, while the Forex Killer software may prove to be a great help while trading, your experience as a trader is what counts the most. Beginners should not assume that using a tool will be enough to make money as a trader. You will have to gradually pave your way through, all the while using these tools accordingly.

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