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Our Traders’ Blog is a fun, informative and exciting section with topics traders like you search for!

On the Internet, there are countless forex-related websites and blogs.

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However, many people are not getting what they want.

TradeFx discovered something was missing!

We figured that someone had to do something about what was missing.

As a trader, you require a secure environment in which to learn about forex trading and what is truly going on within the market.

There is no point in knowing about trading patterns and candlesticks or broker regulation if you are not getting what you truly want.

That is why we place such stress on the significance of these topics to everyone.

Our purpose is to guide you from every angle available, including:
Simplifying trading ideas in a professional and approachable manner, assisting our blog visitors in technical analysis.

Educating our blog visitors on how to avoid choosing an unregulated broker
Let’s face it, trading is difficult and requires hard work and dedication, which is not an easy way to make money.

Our resources will teach you the fundamentals of trading and think about the forex market as a businessperson. So, you don’t end up blowing your account

TradeFx serves to safeguard inexperienced traders from losing all of their money in the forex market, either through their own poor trading decisions or through the actions of others.

The only thing we ask is that you enjoy your time with us and learn as much as you can so that you can apply what you have learned along the road.

Deriv Real Account Registration


Deriv is a globally known trading services provider platform in South Africa. It was originally founded in the year 1999 by the Regent Market Group. With a continuous focus and moderation of nearly 20 years, Deriv has finally made it to the global list of the most flexible and efficient trading platforms. In addition, there is an option for the Deriv real account registration on the website. Initiating the forum from Malta to opening multiple offices across the globe, Deriv’s evolution is remarkable. The Deriv traders can also customise their trading strategies as they want to make it more fun. The deposition and withdrawal are also quick and convenient. The minimum deposit amount at Deriv is $5 with a spread

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Binary Options Trading in South Africa in 2023

binary options trading in south africa

Binary options, unlike forex trading, always have a predetermined end value. This means that you always know exactly how much you stand to gain and how much you stand to lose upon the execution of your trade. Let’s look at how South African brokers can trade binary options and if it’s legal at all. How binary options work The potential profit is given in the form of fixed odds. The maximal potential loss is your stake. The difference between Forex Trading and Binary Options In forex trading, profits are variable. There is no upper limit to how much you can earn (or bottom limit to how much you can lose). Margins do not exist in binary options trading because they

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Revolutionising Industries with Blockchain: How To Get Involved

Revolutionising Industries with Blockchain: How To Get Involved

Blockchain technology has the ability to change every aspect of business and social interaction, including how we govern ourselves, from finance to healthcare, supply chain management, to voting systems. Several sectors have already begun investigating how blockchain can fundamentally alter the way people conduct business.  There seem to be endless possibilities, and it’s no wonder blockchain continues to receive so much attention. Today, we’ll examine the fundamentals of blockchain and how it can positively alter various industries. We’ll also offer advice on how to enter the blockchain sector, whether as a developer, business owner, or trader. What is Blockchain Technology? Let’s start with blockchain 101. To put it simply, blockchain is a decentralised technology, meaning the government, banks, or individual

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Can Nigeria’s Cashless Policy Drive Increased Bitcoin Adoption?

Can Nigeria's Cashless Policy Drive Increased Bitcoin Adoption?

The widespread adoption of Bitcoin and altcoins continues to increase globally, as their importance to today’s financial system cannot be overemphasised. From top companies accepting them for payment of goods and services to nations investing their funds in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are now an important asset class that is here to stay. This is why, despite their volatile nature, cryptocurrencies remain one of the most sought-after investment assets, store of value, and hedge against inflation. Unfortunately, this was not the case when Bitcoin was created in 2009, as the digital asset faced criticism from many analysts and legislators who needed help to grasp the idea behind its value. This situation also led many financial analysts to predict that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

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Forex Charts Patterns

A Forex chart pattern is the historical pattern of price behaviour for a specific currency pair. It’s almost like a competition to see who can make his trading screen look the busiest with extreme colours and lines. Chart patterns seem tricky, and many retail investors complicate their trading screens with colourful lines and annotations. Discover forex chart patterns, how they work, and how professional forex traders can use them. Find out everything you need about Forex chart patterns in our guide. What is the Forex chart pattern?  In technical analysis, a chart pattern consists of trendlines and support and resistance levels that define a recognizable price movement. Despite their ability to signal reversals and continuations, Forex chart patterns shouldn’t be

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Brokers with Welcome Bonus

One strategy best forex brokers employ to get new customers is offering bonuses. Customers can take advantage of the broker with a welcome bonus to obtain additional funds, presents, unrestricted access to analytical services, and various other benefits. Thus, there are many other bonuses for customers based on their trading strategy. One of the most common and well-liked is the bonus for forex trading. This form of bonus on most forex brokers is beneficial to both consumers. And best forex brokers it is often considered to be the most popular and sought-after type of bonus. We will detail this type of incentive and how it can differ from one broker to another. You will also see what distinguishes one broker

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New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) South Africa

You might think of busy screens and suits on a bustling trading floor when you hear the words “stock exchange.” That is exactly how the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) operates. NYSE is the trading home for some of the largest companies, from the prestigious blue chips to the young and exciting high-growth stocks. Traders of South Africa can gain much knowledge about the NYSE by understanding its inner workings. The NYSE is the world’s largest stock exchange for traders to buy and sell shares. A company with a history spanning more than 200 years, the NYSE is located on Wall Street in New York City and is owned by Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE). Stock exchanges are used by many

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Classic Forex Trader Robot

The FX Classic Trader EA is one of the Forex robots that took years to develop. The system is, therefore, a perfect strategy for profitable, safe, and reliable Forex trading. You can specifically trade EURGBP currency pairs with this software. The creators of FX Classic Trader emphasize that this EA is not the same as any other automated trading software. That’s because it’s the result of years of research. In this way, the robot has a perfect trading strategy that is robust but also profitable and safe. We analyze the Forex classic trader robot in depth to determine whether these claims are true and whether you should trust it. Classic forex trader robot review FX Classic Trader has been developed

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What are Forex Brokers?

A forex broker is required to get market access and trade currencies in forex trading. The following tips and information will help you understand what a forex broker is and how to select one that’s right for you. Forex brokerage accounts enable you to trade currency pairs worldwide and profit from trading conditions changes. A trader can trade forex, seven days a week. Forex traders take long and short positions on currency pairs, representing the exchange rate between the euro (EUR) and the U.S. dollar (USD). In a long job, profits accrue when the exchange rate rises; in a short position, profits accrue when it falls. In contrast to stocks, a trader does not need to borrow money or securities

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Avatrade Real Account

Is it time for you to open an Avatrade Real Account? You will naturally want the best forex brokers in trading forex and other markets. AvaTrade is a secure, globally regulated broker for online trading. The number of companies offering CFD trading is growing, eager to take advantage of this asset class. Among such platforms is AvaTrade, a user-friendly Forex broker offering CFD trading. With a wide range of trading instruments, the broker aims to provide the best service for both beginners and professionals. Several financial bodies regulate the Irish-based broker, including the Financial Futures Association of Japan, the Financial Regulatory Services Authority of South Africa, and several others in Abu Dhabi Global Markets, Europe, and Japan. Ultimately, you’ll want

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