The lack of information on the HD Markets website surprised us after we came across it. It provides no information regarding deposits, withdrawals, or charges. Is HD Markets a registered company? Let’s take a look. Learn why HD Markets targets so many complaints with our HD Markets review.

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  • High Leverage

  • Low Spreads

  • Low Min Deposit


  • Shares an FSCA License

  • No Welcome Bonus

  • No MT5

  • Broker Closed


The HD Markets online trading brokerage is owned and operated by N/A at 26 Baker Street Rosebank 2196, Gauteng, South Africa.

In 2017, HD Markets emerged as an online broker. It offers its clients forex and CFD trading services through two business units. But, the clients face many issues while trading with this brokerage firm.

It provides an MT4 platform available in 3 interfaces, i.e., android, windows, and iOS. But there are many negative reviews about the low quality of the forum. Also, the company offers low spreads and high leverage of 1:1000 to its users. It offers no account types. Read on to find more about HD Markets!

1 stars from 209 ratings


In 2017, HD Markets emerged as an online broker. It offers its clients forex and CFD trading services through two business...

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.


This broker’s website mentions HD Markets’ regulatory status on the main page. HD Markets claims to be FAIS-registered. However, since the broker states it is based in South Africa (and we can’t confirm that because the company owner is not listed wherever), it is required by law to be FSCA-registered.

An FSCA register, as well as a FAIS register, has been checked. Unfortunately, we could not find HD Markets on either. If you decide to open an account with this not-legit and untrustworthy brokerage, be aware of this.


The HD Markets platform is not a licensed and regulated broker. Therefore, it will not offer you a more personalised trading experience by customising your account type to your trading style – fewer of the things you don’t need and more of the things you do!

To provide peace of mind for their clients, they do not hold their funds in separate bank accounts. As a result, you cannot protect half of your initial deposit or reverse a trade that did not go well as a trader. So, in short, our funds are not secure with HD Markets. It is not even regulated. Also, it doesn’t provide any account information.

Tradable products

The answer to this question is quite mysterious. The broker offers CFD and Forex trading. Then, what types of CFDs are available, how many of them, and the trading conditions? There is no answer to any of these questions on their website. So, this feature is also a negative point for traders.

Account types

HD Markets provides USD and ZAR accounts to its clients. The company has not fully disclosed its minimum initial deposit requirements. There is no information about the Demo account, Standard account, or VIP account.

Opening an account

You will find a login page on the website of HD Markets, where you can open our account by inserting your personal information. Unfortunately, the website does not have many funds choices for its users.

Trading platform

The MetaTrader 4 trading platform is the only benefit HD Markets Brokers has to offer, as we stated in the introduction of this review.

In addition to offering high-quality trading software, HD Markets offers MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Due to its many advantages, it provides traders, despite its ‘age’ of 15 years, this platform is still one of the most popular ones.

MT4 offers automatic trading, trading signals, VPS, code base with custom scripts, and an app market, among other features. However, one of the most crucial features of MT4 is the vast number of charting options available, including numerous charts, timeframes, colours, and the possibility of creating customised templates.

All in all, these tools and instruments provide traders with an array of technical analysis indicators that help them predict the direction of exchange rates and make a profit. These indicators include Fibonacci retracement, Bollinger bands, moving averages, etc.

You will find a list of trading products on the left, along with their bid/ask prices. You will find the navigation for accounts, indicators, experts or advisors, and scripts on the following pages.

As many charts as the trader requires are present in the central area of the screen. The number of charts shown can vary from one to many. You will see four charts on this page, each representing a currency pair. During a given period, the charts show how the prices of these currency pairs fluctuated. A closer look at one of those charts will show you the EUR/USD currency pair.

So, the HD Markets trading platform seems good enough to traders. The website lets you download three different MT4 Interfaces, including MT4 Windows, MT4 Android, and MT4 iOS. You can download your desired platform directly from the website.

Deposit and withdrawal

Investors have the option of depositing and withdrawing funds to their investment accounts via credit card, bank transfer, and PayFast at HD Markets. There is a $20 minimum withdrawal amount at HD Markets.

Spreads and commissions

On the website, you can find the following information:

  • HD Markets offers ultra-low spreads.
  • All major currency pairs have a spread of just 0.1 pips
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • A speed of 0.9 seconds for the Ultra Market

In HD Markets brokerage firm, even during news releases, their Spreads remain unchanged. That’s something that you can never find with other brokerage firms because theirs is variable.

It changes based on news releases or any further important economic announcement. HD Markets guarantees that what you see before news trading will be the same during news trading.

Spreads on major forex pairs are

  • EUR/USD: 0.1 pips
  • GBP/USD: 0.1 pips
  • AUD/USD: 0.1 pips
  • USD/JPY: 0.1 pips


The concept of leverage involves borrowing a specific amount of money to invest. Clients can borrow money from them using flexible leverage ranging from 1:100 to 1:1000, giving them the flexibility to choose how much risk they are willing to take. With their low spread, a minimum deposit of $10, and flexible leverage, they make it possible to trade an enormous amount of money with a small balance.

Leverage carries risks, it’s only reasonable that you can make significant profits with only a small initial deposit, but you have to remember, the higher the leverage, the greater the returns and the greater the losses. Because foreign exchange trading carries a high risk, we recommend you always use proper risk management practices.


HD Markers claims that they have no hidden fees, and you can trade at an Ultra Market execution speed of 0.9 seconds. So, it is a good factor that HD Markets provide to their traders.

You need a tiny minimum deposit amount because the margin requirement for each pair/stock/index you’d like to trade will determine the minimum equity required to open a position.

Customer support

Customer support staff at HD Markets can help you with any questions regarding trading. In addition, Ou can contact the team at the following given platforms.

  • Landline: +27 (21) 207-3972
  • Whatsapp: +27 (64) 963-2661
  • Trading hours: Starting from 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday

Is HD markets available in South Africa?

The forex and CFD broker HD Markets of South Africa, but it is not regulated. The company claims that it is FAIS-registered, but several review companies find no FAIS documents registration.

Also, it is necessary to get registration from FSCA to start a brokerage in South Africa. That is why HD Markets is not trustable, and you must research properly before investing in this brokerage firm.

Education and research

Only a few educational resources are available on the broker’s website. There are only a few general tips to keep you up-to-date with financial markets. You can find some essential definitions on the FAQs page. But, if you want to learn about detailed information related to Forex markets and CFDs, you will not find anything on the HD Markets website.

1 stars from 209 ratings


In 2017, HD Markets emerged as an online broker. It offers its clients forex and CFD trading services through two business...

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Is HD Markets legit?

The first and most important step you should always make when looking for a broker to conduct your trading activities with is learning about their certifications. You can find out if HD Markets is unregulated by a central authority or a non-regulated offshore entity.

Your legal recourse in the event your funds are compromised if a broker is unregulated or regulated by an entity that is unregulated by your jurisdiction is limited or nonexistent. In instances of theft, you can file a complaint only if the regulator in your state licenses the broker. For example, the following regulatory authorities license brokerages:

  • Commission on Securities and Exchanges of Cyprus (CySEC)
  • FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)
  • ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission)

It is probably best to avoid brokers who do not have licenses by the regulatory authority in your jurisdiction. Likewise, it is best to avoid a brokerage if the regulator is outside your jurisdiction, even if the brokerage is regulated.

Broker FAQ

Thinking of Trading with HD Markets?


What does HD Markets do?

Online forex trading and CFD trading are available through this unregulated brokerage.

How is HD Markets regulated?

Despite the company claiming to be registered there, we did not find HD Markets listed in any regulatory body register in South Africa.

Can I trust HD Markets broker with my funds?

The funds with HD Markets brokerage are not secure since the broker is not regulated.

Our verdict

The first step is to do thorough due diligence on the companies and entities you’re planning to send money to protect yourself from fraudulent parties who promise to send you money. Likely, various users of the same service have expressed their opinions and feedback online in forums.

In researching various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and online trading forums, a general theme emerged regarding users’ dissatisfaction with HD Markets. From the user feedback described above, HD Markets does not appear to be a trustworthy broker, so extreme caution should be used before investing in the brokerage platform.

Many brokers worldwide operate under false company names or engage in fraudulent activities. You can protect yourself and your finances by doing some preliminary research.

Here’s one thing we like about the HD Markets trading platform. It uses MT4, a platform that is popular among traders. But, unfortunately, even this comes with some problems. There are complaints from clients that the trading platform does not work correctly and that transactions remain uncompleted several times.

While the spread was 0.1 pips, as mentioned on the website, clients report that the space for EUR/USD is 1.7 pips, much higher than other regulated brokerages.

Now let’s talk about leverage. Probably the most shocking element of all. Clients of this scam brokerage are offered leverage up to 1:1000. Imagine what would happen if a company with average leverage of 1:1000 had around 70% of its trades result in losses. Regulatory brokerages have a good reason for only offering leverage of up to 1:50.

It was confusing to us regarding the broker’s minimum deposit. There is a difference between the website’s claim of $20 and the Terms and Conditions’ statement of $50. Quite odd for a broker that claims to be regulated.

Last but not least, if you weren’t already suspicious enough, the broker says that they accept cash deposits. Using a debit or credit card when making online purchases is the best way to protect yourself from cyber fraud, as you can request a chargeback up to 540 days after the cybercrime occurs.

Bottom line

HD Markets provides only Forex and CFDs to its clients via the MT4 platform. Its website doesn’t give access to multiple types of accounts, so you do not have the choice to login into HD Markets as per your account choice. The minimum deposit of HD Markets is also not valid. It offers suspected spreads and high leverage, so it is usually considered a fraud brokerage.

Investing in Forex and CFDs offers excellent rewards, but many risks are also involved. Leverage can be positive or negative. If you intend to trade forex and CFDs, you should know the risks and prepare yourself to accept them. As forex trading entails substantial losses, it is unsuitable for all investors.

It would help if you only traded with the amount you are ready to lose. Lastly, this account is not FSCA-regulated, so residents of South Africa should avoid investing with HD Markets.


In 2017, HD Markets emerged as an online broker. It offers its clients forex and CFD trading services through two business units.

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