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Forex Kings – Jason Noah Review 2022

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Forex kings (Lets Chase Paper) is a Forex training institute that was founded to empower young entrepreneurs. The Forex market has been one of Jason Noah‘s most successful fields at 19 after he founded a company in Pretoria.

Forex kings are independent training providers. Moreover, it offers practical education in the exchange markets to those who want to improve their skills and learning.

Also, its main concern and goal are based on results. Forex Kings also have to ensure that their students are fully preparing to enter the market and have the required skills and knowledge to tackle it.

Forex Kings organises its students by combining technical, theoretical and academic training in live sessions with real-life exercises to gain experience.

Students of Forex Kings receive ongoing support and analysis. Moreover, students should also get continuous assistance after their course to manage their trade for a long time.

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Deriv Broker Review
5 stars from 881 ratings

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.


Forex Kings gather and collaborate with professionally trained and licensed traders. Also, they offer efficient training and have decades of experience.


To maximise the chances of success for their students. Forex kings also provide pre and post-course support and learning tasks.


Forex King’s courses allow people of all abilities with a reasonable level of experience. Through this, students can learn and develop their forex trading skills in the trade market.


Forex Kings offers you to learn the strategies, fundamentals, discipline and psychology. In addition, you can gain the experience you need to execute live trades and earn profit from it confidentially.

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Forex Kings rules and regulations

The simple traders ought to swallow their egos. But, moreover, traders also have to swallow their pride and take time to recover from losses.

The main objective of trading is not to make a profit but about how much you don’t lose. The question is not if you will be successful. It is how you achieve it. However, Forex Kings believe that training is the only way to fill the missing information gap in the trading of certain assets classes.

However, Forex Kings empower those who receive the training to use the gained knowledge successfully. Similarly, the sole objective of their training is to improve performance.

Forex Kings vision

In fact, the vision of Forex kings is to educate and empower young entrepreneurs. So that they can create wealth and earn profit within the most important market in the world, the exchange market. Hence, their financial freedom is thus increased because it allows them to explore more.

Founder of Forex Kings

Jason Noah, the founder of Forex Kings in Pretoria. He is one of the young traders who took over Gauteng province and Namibia with his efficient Forex trading strategies and skills. Besides, he claims that he had learned the trading strategies and skills from Ashley Haastibeer of GoForex.

Furthermore, Jason Noah has been active through social media in the Forex industry. Therefore, he has been one of the traders who made a fortune from Forex trading and formed Forex Mentorship Programs.

Who is Jason Noah?

At the age of 18, his parents kicked Jason Noah out of the house for making a girl pregnant at a young age. Then, he started Forex trading. As a result, his cousin allowed Jason to stay with him and introduce him to forex trading.

In later years, Jason became a trader and initially struggled to make money on the markets. But, first, he also lost a lot of accounts until he gained enough experience and was able to earn profit from trading.

Despite losing $1000 in his first year of Forex trading, he made an estimated R1.8 million, which motivated him to launch his Forex education company. So, Forex Kings is a platform where he shares his trading strategies with his students.

Forex King’s CEO, Jason Noah, has motivated many traders in South Africa and worldwide. In general, he was able to grab many fashion brands and cars and invest in real estate.

Currently, he has staggering 272k followers on his Instagram page that makes him one of the most popular Forex traders.

Financial Trading

Although, investing in financial markets can be very risky. Because of this, new traders who do not possess a high-risk appetite are often discouraged by the high level of risk in this highly volatile market.

Consequently, trading opportunities require a somewhat precise way to predict trade directionality to make more profit.

This type of service is referred to as Forex Signal Service. Basically, Forex signals are predictions, trade strategies and trade ideas that can minimise the losses for traders and maximise profits.

In addition, the good thing about Forex Kings is that experts and newbies can make use of forex signals. For beginners to forex trading, this platform is worth checking out. This guide is tailored to enhance the trading experience of the traders. Forex signal service offers clear, actionable knowledge to the traders to trade easily by using the signal service.

In their course, Forex Kings will cover the discussion about the appropriate time to take the risk on and off. Moreover, it covers different trading matches that make more sense for each trader. It will also recommend the new traders best forex signal providers where their competence and trustworthiness look like.

Why Forex Kings?

At Forex king, you can learn the best possible techniques and approaches regarding Forex trading. Subscribing in the premium package will allow you to receive the notification on your mobile phone. Hence the risk of missing a trade will be negligible.

Forex kings is a proud signal provider that allows you to learn about the instruments to trade, types of signals, and more profit and fewer loss tactics. Using the mentorship plan, you will learn about reading and trading forex signals. After some time, the beginners become able to learn how to make their signals.

The Forex kings first analyse the stage of your experience and then refer you to the package that suits you. If you are a beginner with minimum experience, you need to have a proper mentorship for a longer period. Also, it would be best if you start by learning the beginner strategy to trade the signals.

The different packages entertain different demands of the clients. The major tools that Forex kings believe in providing the customers include

  • Onsite classes: Forex Kings have arranged online classes where experienced Forex traders explain the ethics and complete guidance to beginners and experienced traders. In addition, Forex Kings educate them about various Forex signals solutions.
  • Online trading: the Forex kings are willing to provide its services remotely. The people who cannot visit the onsite class can avail these services while sitting at their residential place. Trading mentorship: The mentorship program by Forex Kings is dedicated to the individuals who want to improve their knowledge about the financial markets, particularly the Foreign exchange market. Also, it is for the people who want to make online trading their main source of income.
  • Powerful trading systems: Forex kings allow you to learn about powerful trading systems.  Tailor-made solutions. Forex kings have well-experienced traders that analyse the technicalities to provide the best tailor-made solutions to its subscribers.
  • Highly profitable signals: The signals by Forex kings are manual and generated by one of the best traders in the world of Forex for many years. They have a good know-how of the ups and downs of the market.

Forex King signals: a core competence at its best

Forex trading signals are the ideas or suggestions on how to trade on Forex. These signals are generated by experienced forex traders and professional market analysis after taking into account the current market trend in real-time.

Dedicated automated software also produces these signals after fundamental analysis based on an algorithm system. In simple terms, these are notifications about potential trading opportunities in the market.

That’s how newbies with limited knowledge and experience can achieve competitive trading results.

Forex Kings is the best trading mentor and Forex signal provider in the market after a careful study of a handful of trusted and competent signal providers.

To find out why they are the best FX signal provider, read on.

The Forex King is the signal provider that is beginner-friendly. The team boasts more than 50 sources and professional mentors with a combined experience of more than a century as Forex Traders.

Additionally, these veterans boast tested strategies and traders that have experience from Wall Street. Forex King is offering fully packaged signal services, as mentioned above. Besides covering onsite/online classes, reliable forex signals and mentorship,

Forex kings provide a premium plan to start trading professionally. In your role as a novice with a smaller risk appetite, you will have some concerns about their credibility.

It is therefore important to take the time to build more confidence in yourself. The forex signal provider might be checking out everything. If reliability, timely advice, accuracy, check out as expected, you can choose a plan.

Packages by Forex Kings

Forex kings are providing three packages for its customers to provide the best approach in trading. These packages are for both novice and professional traders. These packages involve Silver package, Gold package, and platinum package. The packages vary cost-wise, but even the platinum one is reasonable according to their services.

The difference in the packages comes up in the mentorship and business strategies. The main services are similar in all these options to choose from. The same courses in all the options include

  • Introduction to Forex
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Psychology to Forex
  • The teaching of how to create your signals
  • One month free signals

Silver, Gold, and platinum packages include five months, seven months, and 9-month mentorship. The Silver one includes a beginner’s strategy, while the Gold and platinum involve advanced strategy dealing with Forex trading.

Moving down, there is an explanation about the courses and their details provided by Forex kings to educate their clients.

Forex signals for technical analysis

In technical analysis, analysts or traders use a series of mathematical formulas to forecast future changes in the directionality of a specific currency pair’s price. For example, Forex Kings use actions and volumes from the past to provide a mathematical calculation that forecasts the future price.

Also, they check the trade entry and exit signals based on mathematical calculations.

Analysts use moving average, RSI, MACD, and other statistical indicators to write a good forecast based on the candlestick charts. The Experienced signal providers then send their signals using the technical deductions and their personal experience.

Traders can use these forex Signals to determine when and at what price to open a trade position in the Forex market and when to exit from it. Taking profits and stop losses orders ensure that your trades are always in the right direction. Increase your profits by using them!

Forex Kings Strategy

Forex king strategies entail a trend momentum strategy using an arrow filtered by trend indicators and momentum indicators.

Suitable Currency pair

It is advisable to trade any, but preferably major, pairs. These include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, and other pairs.

Best time Frames

Trading the M15, M30, H1, and H4 timeframes is recommended (due to many false signals on the M5 and M1 timeframes).

The trading rules in the Forex king mentorship include buy, sell, take profit and stop loss to maximise the trading potential.

Scalping Strategy

Scalping is the most commonly used trading strategy in the Forex Kings, in which a trader purchases a currency pair to hold on to for a small amount of time. Then, he attempts to take as much money as possible.

After closing the position, he can close the deal. The Forex scalping strategy at Forex Kings provides further details on this concept.

The most accepted forex strategy among all is Forex scalping signals. The traders with little risk appetite will especially benefit from this as they deal with high risks and high price volatility.

Even on a bad market day, the Forex kings signals allow the traders to grab some pips here and there without being exposed to significant risk. It is also useful to utilise Forex signals after large moves during strong trends when the market consolidates.

In addition to letting you trade and make money in an active market, the Forex scalping strategy by Forex Kings enables you to earn money even when the market is quiet. This is because the small bits of Pips keep adding up in these times.

How to read Forex Signals?

The Forex signal is merely a tool to make decisions. If the predictions prove profitable, you will lose out on the dividends unless you understand the signals and apply them accordingly.

You may receive a forex signal such as: (“Sell USD/CHF at CMP 0.9311 – Stop Losses=0.9332 – Take Profit (TP) = 0.9276”).  It is broken down as follows: Pair: USD/CHF Order: Sell Entry price: 0.9311 Stop-Loss (SL): 0.9332 Take Profit (TP): 0.9276.

It is possible to manually adjust the support and resistance levels to the prescribed set points. Here the newbies trade by using the mentorship from Forex Kings.

Avoid scammers and choose Forex king

As a trading market for currencies throughout the world, the Forex market is itself legitimate. If the forex markets didn’t exist, it would be difficult to trade the currencies necessary to execute import and export orders and do cross borders business.

There is a constant battle among the bears, i.e., the sellers and the bulls, i.e., buyers on the Forex markets. A profit made by one trader means a loss made by another trader.

Traders who reported massive losses may be the source of rumours flooding the internet that Forex is a scam. The internet doesn’t, however, prevent scammers from exploiting it to defraud forex investors. Forex trading is rarely a fraud, but it is unfair to label it.

More and more passionate traders are entering this market to avail maximum profits. The signal providers like Forex kings are therefore becoming a helping hand for those people. Forex kings aim to educate as many people as possible about the rules and strategies used in the profitable Forex market.

Forex signals details

An analyst or professional trader can create a manual Forex signal after performing technical analysis. Signals are split into paid and free categories.

Several signal providers offer free trial periods to their clients. On the other hand, some providers charge commissions for their signal services, either on a subscription or a one-time fee. The Forex kings are providing one month of free signals to its subscribers of any package.

Similarly, buy and sell signals are classified according to the demand of the trader. There are signal providers that only provide buy signals. While others only provide sell signals. Forex kings provide buy and sell level signals that allow traders to maximise profits in the Forex markets.

Also, the classification of forex signals can be according to periods as there are short term signals and long term signals. The short term signals are usually traded between a time frame of 10 minutes to some hours. It involves an offer of between 10-50 pips. At the same time, the long term signal can be traded between a day and a month or more.

It offers higher rewards from 70-250 pips depending upon the market conditions.

Forex kings provide complete mentorship and guidance to clients on which signals are suitable for them and at what level. The mentorship is according to the chosen plan as the basic plan comes up with 5-month mentorship. That’s how Forex kings have achieved 13072 Pips per year.

Further, the signal providers offer details to trade instruments, including Forex pairs, commodity or index and entry prices. The signals comprising all these details is the best guide for a beginner who is willing to learn the tactics of the trade.

What makes Forex kings best signal provider?

No forex signal service provider is indeed perfect. If you want to make your forex trading experience rewarding, you need to find the best service for training and education. There are Forex signals providers who are more reliable than others, even though everyone produces its signals. When it comes to the best free Forex signals, Forex kings stand out from the crowd.

The team of currency experts at Forex Kings Market Leading Forex Trading Signals works day and night to ensure that the traders get the best forex signals destined for success. You may be surprised by having a glimpse at their success rate.

This rate reveals that Forex Kings knows their goals and objectives and the best trading forex signals. Their success rate is over 87%, with over 1075 forex signals. Their pips profit within the last year was 13072, and they have 521 happy subscribers.

Using this platform, analysts search for potentially profitable transactions in different trading markets. Forex Kings determine the pair’s stop loss and take profit as part of the technical analysis process.

Also, they ensure the corresponding support and resistance level. The traders can then trade signals as much as possible to maximise their profits. The generated Forex signals are sent to their subscribers via social media accounts they select. A forex trader then has the opportunity to buy or sell the recommended forex pairs.

Almost every day, Forex kings record testimony. Choose a plan at Forex Kings in less than a minute to begin trading better. Monthly subscriptions are available at the actual website with safe and easy payment methods.

Bottom line

Trading becomes a lot simpler when the best-experienced traders are willing to assist you with the best platform. The signals by Forex kings have made ways easier for the people of South Asia towards traders.

The idea of Jason Noah is spreading much quicker as he aims to educate beginners clearly and entertainingly.

The success rate of the platform predicts its dedication towards the achievement of its objective. Jason Noah started this platform at its worst but with a positive attitude and goals.

Now the company is becoming the choice of not only South Africa but all over the world. Hence, improve your consistency and profitability through live and interactive sessions with real traders by using effective services by Forex Kings.

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