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Global Forex Institute – GFI Review 2022

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Many Forex trade courses are shallow and focus on one aspect of trading. There are hundreds of courses available. Forex trading training centres provide courses that treat Forex trading as indeed a discipline instead of just a hobby. Global Forex Institute is one such platform.

It is likely that more Forex Traders would be practising around the world if colleges offered Forex Trading courses. People interested in becoming successful traders will have to take Forex courses in the meantime.

GFI, a global financial institution based in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, was founded in 2013. Mainly, its aim is to become the leading source of training and expertise in forex market trading in Africa. In addition, it maintains an ongoing relationship with its clients and operation headquarters.

Among the few businesses in South Africa exclusively owned by entrepreneurs, Global Forex Institute stands out. It fascinated GFI’s directors to envision financial institutions and individuals sharing profits under a hypothetical scenario.

GFI believed formal education would close the gap between ordinary people and millionaires, especially in African communities. The organization also aims to provide trainers, traders, and entrepreneurs who can provide wealth to local communities.

Global Forex Institute – what is it?

Sandile Shezi, a South African youngest self-made millionaire, founded the Global Forex Institute, a Forex training institution. Shezi grew up in the dusty streets of Uzlami, a township in the Southern region of Durban. With George Van der Riet, a former trader with over 15 years of experience, he founded GFI.

This institution aims to reduce the high unemployment rate and create financial freedom in South Africa. Furthermore, GFI offers first-hand training programs that prepare new traders for efficient forex trading.

It is one of the first institutions to offer a full-time mentorship program. Additionally, it assists students in becoming full-time professionals.

Over the years, Global Forex Institute has mentored over ten thousand students. George and Sandile carefully selected highly recommended mentors for the institution during the application process.

A large number of seats in its classes allows students to interact easily with their mentors. In 2014, the GFI training program won the best Forex trading centre award in South Africa.


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5 stars from 881 ratings

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The main goal of the course is to teach beginners how to trade Forex and to improve their skills. Similarly, it teaches clients how to complete trades with the help of its senior tutors. A career in this field does not promise overnight success.

In order to be rich without scams, it takes hard work, dedication, and discipline. Therefore, GFI has tutored in all offices to assist clients during regular business hours.

Global Forex Institution offers the most comprehensive forex training in South Africa. In addition, GFI offers you the chance to learn how to trade Forex from the best forex traders in the Southern Hemisphere.

The training programs offered by the Global Forex institution are

Free beginner’s class

The forex beginners class is held in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Sandton, Pretoria, and Richard’s Bay. Beginners who wish to learn how to trade Forex can attend this seminar for free.

Generally, it takes place on specific dates in different cities. Sandile Shezi, the youngest self-made millionaire in South Africa, and his mentor, George Van der Riet, will discuss every aspect of forex trading in this seminar.

Additionally, you can view a current forex trader’s account and get advice. Also, get advice on how to begin trading Forex.

GFI Advanced training course

Several sources of information have been incorporated into GFI’s advanced training program. It consists primarily of a comprehensive and modular format designed to help students succeed in the forex market.

The GFI advanced training program consists of a two-day weekend course followed by weekly classroom mentoring. By using the Meta-Trader 4 trading platform, students will apply the theory they have learned in the weekly sessions in their weekly Group A mentoring sessions.

Students will then be ready for Group B mentoring sessions once they feel confident that they understand the basics. The course will focus on intermediate aspects of forex trading in this case. Some of these include Fibonacci and trend patterns.

Upon completion of this course, students will participate in Group C mentoring and consulting programs. Thus, the course focuses on developing effective trading strategies and fundamental analysis and the advanced aspects of forex trading.

GFI Trading Facility

The Global Forex Institute has partnered with TD Markets, a broker. In this way, it provides students with a one-stop-shop for all their forex needs.

Moreover, it offers benefits such as Direct Market Access trading, TD Markets Signals app and free start-up capital.

Public scam warning from GFI

Scam Facebook pages and fraudulent companies are impersonating GFI and Sandile Shezi. These impersonators are after their clients’ money.

The Global Forex institution is doing everything it can to raise awareness of these scams. However, it is still unable to reach everyone. To spread this warning message, GFI used its social media platform.

Benefits of Global Forex Institution

Global Forex Institute has been an excellent training platform for young people. Students gain experience in trading and analyzing markets, as well as making money as investors and traders. In addition, GFI enhances the trader’s ability to make a profit in teamwork in the most efficient manner.

It provides a comfortable environment for learning about trading, making consistent profits, and helping others. One of its main advantages is to learn about how to achieve financial freedom. At the same time, it also reduces South Africa’s unemployment rate.

Bottom line

Sandile Shezi and George Van der Riet started GFI so people can receive affordable and efficient forex training. Most of the training and mentoring for forex trading is free.

It is the only institute in South Africa that does not provide forex training to generate income. GFI’s website allows visitors to see the results of their trades and how they make money.

It runs its training programs as part of its community work. Moreover, students can earn money while learning by investing in Global Forex Funds. Finally, GFI has trained over 2000 clients, making it Africa’s largest Forex training company.

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