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MT4 VWAP Indicator

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Is it your intention to add the volume-weighted average price (VWAP) technical indicator to MT4 and MT4 trading platforms? If so, let’s find out how. What would be the best way for retail traders to get the benefits of the MT4 VWAP Indicator? Here you will find all the details about it.

You can install this technical indicator. You can install this technical indicator on MT4 with a few clicks. Below, you will find a complete overview of how you can do it.

The use of indicators when trading forex is valuable because they show you how a market is trending and when you should enter and exit the market at the appropriate time. Indicators, however, must be used with an understanding of their operation and what they indicate. By doing this, you will be able to understand their signals better.

In light of this, let’s now examine the volume-weighted-average-price (VWAP) indicator on MT4. First, the VWAP indicator will be explained, including its uses. However, the most important thing is how to download and start using it.

What is the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) indicator?

VWAP text on wooden block on chart background

A volume-weighted average price indicator provides you with an average price for security over specific periods, with the average price being weighted by the average volume traded.

Let’s go into more detail about this. First, let’s examine the EUR/USD currency pair on a chart with an hourly timeframe. Next, consider the pair’s closing prices at the end of the previous 5 hours: 1.100, 1.200, 1.110, 1.210, 1.115. Finally, using a simple moving average indicator over these five periods, we will find that the average price for these five hours was 1,147.

Using the VWAP calculator, we will get an average price based on volume, weighted by price. So, for example, regardless of the price closing at 1.110, if the pair trades at or near it most of the time, the VWAP indicator will show a much closer to that price, which is then much lower than the price implied by the simple moving average indicator.

Traders believe the VWAP indicator is more accurate than price action because it considers both price and volume for security.

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Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.

Simple moving average vs VWAP – what’s the difference?

In our example and definition above, we mentioned that VWAP is calculated as the security’s price divided by its volume per period over some time.

Simple moving averages, in contrast, are calculated by averaging the prices of assets over a specified period. This is calculated by adding up the closing price for each period for the security, then dividing by the number of periods.

VWAP, on the other hand, provides a more accurate reflection of the average price for a security than a simple moving average indicator, as mentioned earlier.

VWAP signals

Now that we have looked at what the VWAP is and how it is calculated, it’s time to discuss some simple signals to use whenever the VWAP is used in trading. Nevertheless, you should know that these are only some simple examples, and the VWAP indicator is helpful for many other strategies.

Uses of Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Mt4 indicator

Following are the uses of the VWAP Mt4 indicator.

1. Contributes to the formulation of trading policies

In contrast to other indicators, VWAP formulates policies to determine the average price based on the weighted volume of transactions. VWAP mt4 indicator is seldom used by traders and investors who use the average moving VWAP indicator. VWAP mt4 indicator provides similar results when used with this Forex strategy, and nothing unusual would be apparent for the trading business.

The volume-weighted average price would be beneficial in determining the average price if the traders and investors are ready to make payment. Therefore, the volume-weighted average price mt4 indicator tries to collect all the relevant information about a particular period to perform this action.

2. Efficiently deals with algorithms

This trading tool is becoming increasingly popular among both investors and traders. Buying Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Mt4 Indicator has become increasingly important because it knows how to handle algorithmic trading transactions and large numbers of trades.

The VWAP mt4 indicator is also used to hold a stable position in the market by several automated Forex trading systems. The VWAP mt4 indicator provides traders and investors with a variety of strategies.

3. Indicates profit/loss

A well-known tactic entails that the business has lost money if stocks and assets are trading under a VWAP. If, however, the price of a stock, asset, or security exceeded the VWAP, there would be an opportunity for substantial income.

How to download and install the VWAP indicator?

Follow the following steps:

  • Create a local folder for the RAR file.
  • Install MT4.
  • Choose “File” and “MQL.”
  • Drag and drop the VWAP indicator for MT4 from the RAR file into the MQL editor.
  • Restart the platform, then launch the VWAP.

How to use the free VWAP indicator?

Traders use several different ways to calculate VWAP. The standard approach is that when a security’s price trades below its VWAP, it trades at a discount. Furthermore, a security’s price is said to trade at a premium when trading above its VWAP.

Price tends to return to VWAP at regular intervals

VWAP is derived from the calculation of prices. Here is how it works. We use the typical price for the selected period. A typical price considers the High, Low, and Close for a period. Every bar or candlestick represents one session or period.

Trading periods can be set at traders’ discretion, usually between five and 15 minutes (below daily timeframes). It is now multiplied by the volume to get the typical price. Once the typical price has been calculated, it is multiplied by the volume. Volumes are defined as cumulative, and typical price times volume (TP xV) as typical cumulative price.

To obtain a volume-weighted average price, divide the cumulative TP by cumulative volume and multiply the result by the cumulative volume. It would be best if you did this over every period. These values are now displayed (like a moving average). VWAP is one of many tools available beyond just the VWAP indicator in volume analysis.

Trading with this indicator is only recommended if traders are entirely comfortable with how it works and what it means. In addition, trading with this indicator is not a guaranteed buy or sell signal.

The original intent of VWAP was to analyse market orders and to use algorithmic trading. However, this indicator has also been adopted for use as a technical trading indicator is not a surprise.

Installing the free VWAP indicator on MT4

You can place the VWAP indicator in both the MQL and indicator folders. To proceed, open the navigator window of your MT4 trading terminal and then the trading window of your MT4 trading terminal. Next, ensure your MT4 trading platform can pick up the indicator by right-clicking on it and refreshing it.

You can drag and drop this VWAP indicator onto the chart you want after viewing the VWAP indicator on the navigator window. In addition, the VWAP configuration window will now appear.

VWAP indicator MT4 configuration

It’s pretty simple to set up, as you can see. There are only two settings you can choose. The VWAP indicator should not be used with a shift, as that is not the way it is intended to work. It is certainly possible to adjust the period values to your liking.

After you have configured the indicator, click OK, and then you will see the VWAP on your price chart.

VWAP Indicator MT4

Based on its appearance, the VWAP indicator resembles a moving average. It is as simple as that. As you can see, the VWAP for this e-mini trade is quite different from the VWAP for the S&P 500 since the price is very close to the VWAP.

Traders tend to view this as a trading signal whenever the price jumps between the VWAP and the LSMA. In conclusion, the VWAP is an indicator of mean reversion as the price tends to gravitate towards the VWAP value.

According to earlier parts of this article, the VWAP indicator can be rendered meaningless in markets without a measurable method of gauging volume. However, some traders maintain that VWAP is still a handy indicator of the actual price in the market.

VWAP is ideal for executing and analysing orders. For example, most algorithms use VWAP to determine whether the price is trading above or below the VWAP to execute their trades at the right price.

The VWAP is also commonly used to analyse volume distributions. Using this method, accurate volume distributions can be derived and returns generated for algorithms. In addition, because large volume trades can affect markets significantly, the VWAP is often used to gauge where the markets have more liquidity while masking the large institutional traders.

Retail forex traders use VWAPs for two simple purposes: to sell at prices above the VWAP and to buy at prices below the VWAP. In contrast, the chart shown previously indicates that VWAP is constantly changing.

Consequently, opening and closing the trades simply due to their being too high or too low from the VWAP can lead to many losses if misapplied.


Yellow question mark on a background of black signs, FAQ Concept. 3D Rendering

  1. Is there a VWAP indicator for MT4?

VWAP for MT4 is one of the most popular indicators among experienced traders. Volatility Weighted Average Price is an abbreviation that refers to the actual average price of assets using the Volume Weighted Average Price metric.

  1. What type of indicator is VWAP?

An indicator that uses the closing price to average the closing prices during a given period is the VWAP. Additionally, it emphasises the volume-heavy periods. Due to its reliance on historical data, the Volume Weighted Average Price can be considered a lagging indicator.

  1. How to install the VWAP indicator MT4 from Downloads?
  • MT4 VWAP indicator download.
  • You can access the File menu at the top of your MT4 platform.
  • Click on the Open Data Folder button.
  • Select MQL4 by double-clicking.
  • Indicators can be accessed by double-clicking.
  • Put the VWAP indicator you downloaded in step #1 in this folder.
  1. When is the best time to use VWAP?

Generally, VWAP works well with short-term and medium-term timeframes, such as day trading and swing trading. But do keep in mind that using it will ultimately depend on your trading strategy.

  1. Is it necessary to download the indicator from the official site or the market?

Additionally, other vendors offer the VWAP indicator, which can then be downloaded and installed on MT4.

Bottom line

The Volume Weighted Average Price indicator is a day trader’s exclusive tool. Unlike daily charts, it does not appear in longer-term time frames. Trades have adapted to more straightforward ways of trading with the free VWAP indicator, although it requires a lot of development to use VWAP effectively.

VWAP widely measures trade fills. To measure this liquidity, VWAP measures volume, which is a critical component of the market. If the order is extended, it is generally considered non-optimal to fill an order above the VWAP.

Additionally, if you take a short position and your order is filled below VWAP, that too becomes an un-optimal fill. Therefore, you can use the VWAP to judge how well your trades are filled.

Traders must understand that the indicator is not a holy grail.

You cannot improve your trading results just by using the VWAP indicator. With the VWAP indicator, you should still use your tried and tested trading system.

Those who develop automated trading solutions will find that VWAPs are particularly useful for setting entry and target prices. In addition, VWAP is commonly used with different trading methods, such as order book analysis or volume profile analysis.

A thorough understanding of the market microstructure and volume and price is required to truly take advantage of the volume-weighted average price indicator.

Seasoned investors widely use MT4 as an indicator of volume-weighted average price. Experienced investors can use this indicator to determine the actual market price. To use the technical indicator, you must insert it into the trading mechanism.

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