AvaTrade is a Forex broker that offers a wide range of platforms, markets and support.  Established in 2006, they have grown their global customer base to nearly a quarter of a million clients. AvaTrade truly is a global giant in the trading industry.  As a trusted multinational Forex broker, they are regulated by numerous regulatory bodies, even boasting regulation from institutions as large as the Central Bank of Ireland.

This AvaTrade broker review will walk you through the significant aspects that a new trader needs to consider when they’re deciding which Forex broker to choose.

You can find our transparent AvaTrade review below. Broker reviews are updated frequently!

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  • Mobile App Trading

  • No Withdrawal Fees

  • 24/7 Support

  • Multi-Regulated

  • Broker Verified


  • Inactivity Fees

  • No Local Deposit Options

AvaTrade Regulation

As one of the more significant players in the Forex broker industry, they are regulated accordingly.

They have multiple licenses and are regulated by the types of top-tier agencies. This way they provide their customers with the peace of mind that only comes from trading with a broker of this size.

You can find their license and regulation details listed below:

  • ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission): 406684
  • FSCA (South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority): 45984
  • EU (Central Bank of Ireland): C53877
4.8 stars from 788 ratings

up to $2000

AvaTrade is truly a global broker, regulated across 5 continents. Their Cryptocurrency markets are available for trading 2...

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

AvaTrade Broker Type

AvaTrade is a market maker.

While negative connotations surround this type of Forex broker, there are certain advantages that only market makers like AvaTrade can offer their clients.

Market maker advantages include competitive, fixed spreads and the ability to guarantee that entries and exits will never experience slippage. Things that no doubt at some point, anyone who’s traded will have wished that their broker offered these.

Let’s move forward with our AvaTrade review and break things down a little further.


As we briefly touched upon above in the introduction to AvaTrade’s broker type, they execute trades through a dealing desk. A standard practice for market makers.

They have an automated dealing desk protocol, executing client orders that come in and immediately hedging them against other orders taken in the opposite direction.

Their trade execution policy is to guarantee that clients will never experience slippage. This policy also ensures that clients receive the quoted prices when hitting the buy/sell button.

Forex Trading Education

They are a Forex broker that commits to supporting new traders through the entire education process.

Your Forex broker isn’t the enemy that many people make them out to be. Because your broker is making money off the spread every time you take a position, their most valued clients are the profitable ones.

For this reason, AvaTrade offers an extensive education section within their website, featuring articles, ebooks, videos and even market analysis for traders who are already confident enough to begin.

If you’re entirely new, we recommend checking out AvaTrade’s trading for beginners‘ section which will give you everything you need to start trading Forex with confidence. They have put in a lot of effort to ensure they are a beginner-friendly broker.

AvaTrade Support

The support team is always available when you need them, in a whole array of languages, Monday to Friday.

Take a look at the three main support methods on offer:

  • Live Chat: Available Monday – Friday, 24/5
  • Phone: Available Monday – Sunday, 24/5
  • Email: Available Monday – Friday, 24/5

If you have funded your live account with USD 1,000, you will have a personal account manager assigned to you, to guide you through what it takes to get started.

Not many Forex brokers we’ve reviewed go that far above and beyond when it comes to customer support!

AvaTrade Deposits and Withdrawals

South African Forex traders who choose AvaTrade, have several ways to deposit and withdraw from their account. The minimum deposit for AvaTrade is USD 100 or ZAR equivalent. Traders are also offered up to a 40% welcome bonus.

Everyone is different, and the choices offered, prove their commitment to client support, just as we spoke about in the previous section of this AvaTrade review.

AvaTrade South Africa’s account funding methods are listed below:

  • Credit/Debit Card: Visa and Mastercard, with funds available instantly within your AvaTrade account.
  • Bank Wire Transfer: ZAR or USD bank transfer funding, with a standard three business turnaround for funds to become available.
  • Skrill: The world’s number 1 e-wallet service.
  • Neteller: An alternative, highly popular e-wallet service.
  • WebMoney: A popular funding choice of clients across the African continent.

As you can see, these funding options are very diverse – a massive tick in AvaTrade’s pros column for deposits and withdrawals.

AvaTrade Trading Conditions

Within this AvaTrade review, we’ve tried to be as specific as possible. For these reasons, we’ve broken AvaTrade’s trading conditions into highly essential subcategories.

Go through them at your own pace below.

Demo Account

AvaTrade offers free 30-day demo accounts after filling out a single form.

As a dedicated Forex broker, to the trading experience of their clients, AvaTrade’s simple demo account opening procedures reflect this fact.

Demo accounts are designed to help traders learn and alongside AvaTrades’ simple trading platform and trading education offering, they shine as a broker for South African Forex traders who are just starting their journey.

If you’re after a demo account, then you can simply click the open account button below.


AvaTrade’s leverage offered to clients, varies depending on the market that you’re trading and the platform that you’re trading them on.

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms allow traders up to 1:400 leverage across Forex pairs.

Being one of the Forex brokers with high leverage on offer, this is a positive for AvaTrade.

Being over-leveraged can bring risks, and traders must understand this. You should do everything in your power to employ strict risk management principles to your trading strategy.

Spreads and Lot Sizes

AvaTrade makes their money via the spread that their clients trade on and do not charge any commissions.

From November 2019, AvaTrade reduced its spreads considerably. In some cases they have reduced spreads by up to 50%, proving their commitment to lowering trading costs and building goodwill with their client base.

Average Spreads on Majors

  • EUR/USD: 0.9
  • GBP/USD: 1.6
  • USD/JPY: 1.1
  • AUD/USD: 1.1

Account Types

They offer two account types:

  • Retail Account: This account should be the first step that new traders take as soon as they’ve finished testing AvaTrade on a demo. It’s a standard account for EU clients in which ESMA regulations force a leverage cap of 1:30. For international clients outside of the EU, including South Africa, they offer a maximum of 1:400 account leverage.
  • Professional Account: The professional account, on the other hand, is for experienced traders who are after the use of their full 1:400 leverage on offer. To receive a professional account, you must be able to prove your experience and profitability in the account opening process.

It is worth mentioning that the retail account has negative balance protection in place as standard. This way it ensures you are never unknowingly in a position that means you lose more than your initial deposit.

AvaTrade Trading Platforms

They commit to empowering the South African Forex community.

To help achieve this, they’ve tried to cater for every type of trader with a platform that best suits the different trading styles on offer.

Here’s a list of AvaTrade’s platforms:

  • MetaTrader 4: The most popular trading platform. MT4 creates a powerful and flexible trading environment suiting all types of traders.
  • MetaTrader 5: The next generation of the MetaTrader platform, offering state-of-the-art trading capabilities, more technical analysis tools, order types, timeframes and graphical objects.
  • AvaTrade GO: Trade on the move using their intuitive AvaTradeGO app, featuring a user-friendly interface and advanced features you won’t find elsewhere.
  • AvaOptions: Trade using call and put options with AvaTrade’s proprietary options trading platform.

All options listed above have desktop, web and mobile options for all of the trading platforms.

If you’re a risk-averse Forex trader, then we recommend giving the AvaTrade GO app a try. The app’s AvaProtect feature is a risk management tool that allows you to protect yourself from market losses for a selected time.

If you lose during that period, you’re simply refunded. An AvaTrade feature that we haven’t seen anywhere else.

AvaTrade IB Affiliate Program

AvaTrade’s IB affiliate program is accessible through a separate website called AvaPartner.

They boast stats that they’ve paid over USD 250 million and counting to partners. A mind-boggling number when you stop and think about it.

AvaPartner offers a range of partnership and white label opportunities for affiliates which we’ve listed below.

  • Introducing Broker: Introduce clients to them and earn rebates on their trade volume.
  • Online Affiliate: Receive once-off commission payments per referred client.
  • Money Manager: Their advanced Multi-Account-Manager (MAM) platform for money managers allows you to trade multiple accounts and collect rebates.
  • Service Provider: Provide signals if you’re a profitable trader and receive rebates on referrals who trade your calls.

Join the AvaTrade IB Affiliate Program: Join Now & Earn

AvaTrade South Africa

What does AvaTrade South Africa bring to the SA marketplace? One highlight that sums it up as a South African trader.

The worlds’ most regulated broker, across 5 continents., including the FSCA. Trust and Integrity!

4.8 stars from 788 ratings

up to $2000

AvaTrade is truly a global broker, regulated across 5 continents. Their Cryptocurrency markets are available for trading 2...

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CFD service. Your capital is at risk.
71% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

AvaTrade Review Summary

We have designed our complete AvaTrade broker review to help South African Forex traders make the most informed decision on which broker to choose.

We’ve helped highlight why they should be that choice.

As a significant player in the South African Forex broker industry, their proven track record across a whole spectrum of trading deliverables ranks them high on our list of recommended brokers.

If you’re ready to start trading with Ava today, sign up using the link on this page. They are offering new client bonuses of up to USD 10,000 depending on your initial deposit.

We value your feedback: Rate this broker by leaving a comment and rating below this review.

Broker FAQ

Thinking of Trading with AvaTrade?

Avatrade FAQ

1.  Which type of assets can I trade with AvaTrade?


2.  What platforms does AvaTrade support?

MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5, AvaTrade Go and AvaOptions.

3.  Are AvaTrade platforms mobile friendly?

Yes, they are available on Android and IOS.

4.  What leverage does AvaTrade offer?

AvaTrade offers maximum leverage of 1:400.

5.  What is the lowest spread I can expect with AvaTrade?

The lowest spread is typically on the EUR/USD at 0.9 pips.

6.  Does AvaTrade offer commission-free trading?

Yes. No commissions are charged upon trade execution.

7.  Is AvaTrade FSCA Regulated?

Yes. AvaTrade is FSCA regulated. FSP#45984.

8.  What is the minimum deposit to open an AvaTrade account?

AvaTrade has a minimum deposit of USD 100 as a first-time deposit.

9.  When was AvaTrade founded?

AvaTrade was founded in 2006.

10.  What account currencies does AvaTrade offer?


11.  Which deposit options does AvaTrade offer?

Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Bank Wire Transfer.

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up to $2000
Welcome Bonus

AvaTrade is truly a global broker, regulated across 5 continents. Their Cryptocurrency markets are available for trading 24/7. Local support.

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